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Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

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  • Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

    Just wanna share this piece of info:

    Just learnt from my yoga instructor that beetroot juice is very good for those with low BP. Direct juice from the vegetable taste awful. But according to her get those in powder form from GNC and she claim that taste like ribena. HTH.

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    i'm interested in this! i've got low blood pressure too. how much is GNC retailing that for?


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      Sorry Helethea, im not too sure abt the pricing for this product. But maybe you can try visiting their website to check which are the nearest store convenient for you. Or maybe you can try calling one of the stores to check it out. Tel No of GNC Branch at Luck Plaza is 6738 9592. Lastly, check who's a member of GNC and i think they can get up to 40% discount on their birthday(you can save alot)!


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        My doc took my blood pressure one day.

        Me: oh no so low!
        Doc: your blood pressure can never be too low unless you're about to die.

        Just sharing his statement is quite a relief; I know I don't have to worry about my BP being too low.


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          hi girls, you might want to read this , and this .

          basically it says that "low blood pressure", aka hypotension is relative with person and environment.

          also, low BP usually only causes light-headedness & dizziness. most low BP that does not cause symptoms is generally considered to be a sign of good cardiovascular health as there is less strain on the heart and other blood vessels. (From here)

          however, if you are always fainting due to low BP, you might want to see a doc.

          p/s: low BP can also be caused if u are on certain drugs, alcohol, heart problems and shock.

          hope this helps to clear it up!

          i'm not sure how true it is that beetroot helps to increase low BP. i think it is more likely that when you increase your salt and sodium intake from processed foods, that your BP may increase. this of course is not good for people who already have high BP or potential heart problems.

          just my 2 cents!


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            thanks jess!!!

            anyone who is a member has her birthday coming up?