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  • Dry Cleaner

    Not sure if this topic belongs here....

    Would like to know a good dry cleaner in Singpapore.... a good and reliable one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Is location a concern for you? I usually go to laundry shops near to my home. More convenient for pickups.


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      Does anyone know of a REALLY good one? I have a lot of embroidered, heavily beaded clothes, AND they are silk. Not very sure if I should EVER wash them! haha...


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        fuchsia, never attempt to wash any beaded/embroidered silk clothing, bring them to a trusted drycleaner instead as some require special chemicals. With plain silk camis, it's fine to hand wash them gently using a detergent for delicates. Do not wring though, roll them in a clean dry towel to absorb excess water and then lay flat to dry.


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          That's the problem babyflite...I don't know where to go! I always thought all drycleaners would take good care of clothes, I mean, that's why I'm paying for their services right? But they've ruined some of my clothes on occasion... So far, the one at Tangs is pretty good. But i've not tried taking my beaded Alannah stuff yet...

          Which one do you take yours to if you're in Singapore babyflite?


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            Oh I've heard heaps of dry cleaners horror stories, even here in Australia. Anyway I used to just bring mine to the one at Jelita on Holland Road coz it's near my house. I've not tried bringing delicate Alannah stuff there though, coz I don't really bring my more delicate pieces back with me. The few pieces I bring back that needs to be dry cleaned I wait till I get back to Australia before doing it.

            If you've had good experience with the one at Tangs, why don't you bring your stuff down and ask if they'll be able to dry clean it properly? They should tell you honestly whether they can do it.


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              Ok! Thanks Babyflite... Oh and you were saying that I can hand wash my silk camis. Do you mean those that are the shiny, satin-y sort, or those that are of the sheer sort (like the AH Bohemian Lady Cami), or both? Can i handwash silk skirts too?

              And i think Tangs will surely say they can do it...They have to generate business after all...

              Anyone else who has a regular one they go to and KNOWs for sure that their drycleaner can do delicate, beaded silk?


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                fuschia, I meant the more heavyweight silk. Definitely dry clean the sheer ones. Skirts I tend to dry clean as well since you can wear it a few times before bringing it to the cleaners unlike tops which has to be washed/dry cleaned after each wear.

                Anyway you might want to check which dry cleaners bridal wear shops use? If a place can dry clean delicate bridal gowns I'm sure they'll be able to do delicate beaded silk as well.


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                  Anyone knows which is the reptutable dry cleaners to clean expensive bags?