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    Addicted to Live Radio.... recommended by one of the cotters ...i was reading thru some threads & there was JazzFM frm London. *i think*

    What about Australia & other countries? Any idea what's their most listened-to stations???? I'm sick of our usual mundane radio ....yikes ...

    Thanks 'll.

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    Hi Mesmerise

    What type of radio stations are you after? Pop music/talk shows/classical/jazz etc? There are loads and loads here in the UK and I might be able to narrow it down for you.


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      Hey Fan!

      Uhm. I don't mind one of every genre. That means to say, one station of POP, Jazz, Bossa?? Lounge?

      What about.. you enlighten me with what are the popular stations in UK? Rather, what do you always tune in to ?


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        afaik, the popular radio stations in australia are:

        Triple M
        Triple J

        you can try RawFM or River FM too. don't have the url's with me now though....


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          Sorry for the late reply, Mesmerise!

          I'm into pop and R'n'B, so I always switch between Key103 or Galaxy 102. Both of their breakfast shows are quite good I think, and keep me entertained on my way to work! Capital 95.8 is another very popular one based in London.

          Capital FM has a good late night talk show at 10pm-2am UK time, with listeners calling up about their problems and lives. Key 103 has a debating talk show at the same time, but hosted by some crazy and controversial madman!!

          Anyway, enough of what I listen to ....

          If you like jazz, Jazz FM and EJazz FM might be for you. Oh, and Smooth FM.

          BBC Radio broadcasts to the UK on a national basis and have a whole range of stations catering for different tastes. I don't really listen to them, so can't really say if they're any good though.

          That's all I can come up with so far. Hope that helps though


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            i luv smashhits! tune in @
            hope you guys enjoy it!