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  • Gift for boss

    i'm leaving my company soon and would like to buy a little something for my 2 very good bosses, both are male

    for one of the bosses, i will be buying him earrings (he's radical!!) and some tidbits cos i know he likes munching on them

    but for the other boss, i cant think of anything to get him. he is super rich and has everything. its a personal gift from me and i want to get something meaningful for him any ideas at all girls? he's about 40+, smokes, like fishing and gadgets

    oh yeah, anyone knows where i can get nice guy earrings?

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    since your boss smokes, maybe a nice ashtray or lighter will do the job? or cuff links perhaps? engrave his name or something, for that personal touch. depending on your budget, i think tiffany's would be nice.


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      thanks jazzanova, but i've checked and he dont wear shirts that require cuff links so it will be a bit 'duh' if i buy that for him

      am thinking of buying him something whimsical so he can laugh at it and remember me


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        if he smokes get him those very "funny" ashtray or lighter so he can put on his desk and remember you?


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          Just an idea

          Fishing? I love fishing too

          Anyway, for true-blue fishing fanatic, he will be thrilled with fishing lures. Not just any plastic lures but Japanese made ones and if you can lay your hands on rare-to-find ones (usually for collection), even better! Brands like Heddon are good enough as well. Get him a few as a gift.

          I thought fishing lures are cool and I even remove the hooks to use them as keychains.



          Try walking around Beach Road. They have many many fishing shops there

          Hope this is a good idea for you


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            ohh rach, this is a GREAT idea. so i can just go into the shops and ask them for fishing lures? any idea how much they usually cost?


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              hey lumos,

              The prices really varies, usually from $10 onwards and some as much as $30++ for one.

              There is a shop at Concourse which is located near Burger King and they sell the cutest lures. They are usually displayed on the racks so you can actually pick and choose what you want. However, I'm not too sure if this shop is still around. Ask their SA for assistance. They are usually seasoned fishermen themselves and will most definitely be able to answer your queries

              Like I mentioned, you can actually remove the hooks and put in the keychain ring to personalise it into a nice keychain holder! Else, just leave it as it is for your boss to use


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                hi there,

                Hope you all can help me up with some idea. As X'mas is coming i want to buy gift for my lady boss. Her Style is modern and fashioable. She doesn't use make up offen.

                Hope to hear you soon.



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                  What about scarfs or shawls?


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                    I really hope that you all can give me more ideas!


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                      Accessories make a nice gift, how about a pair of earrings or a bracelet?


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                        For a female boss, how about getting her a brooch? It can help to brighten up a dark colour suit.