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  • Infant eczema

    Any mommies faced this problem with their young babies?

    My baby's face is covered with red rashes. Her eyebrows and both ears also have dry scaly thick skin (like scabs) and the paed told me she has eczema. Doctor suspects an allergic reaction to something in my breastmilk, and advised me to cut off dairy products and other foods that may be causing the allergy.

    I think some of the redness and rashes could be the heat and some milk on her face when she spits. But the dry scaly parts really bothers me, and it's getting worse.

    Alot of resources I've read seem to say this is possibly an allergy condition inherited, which is strange because both me and my husband have no allergies. Well, hubby is sensitive to dust, but not sure if that's a strong allergy.

    Sadly, apparently the eczema can last a long time, several months to years. Anybody has first hand experience to share?

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    Hey mogmick, I did a search on infant eczema, and this is what I found: (On this web site, it said that most cases of infant eczema will go away within afew months.)

    You said the doctor said that she could be allergic to something in your breastmilk? So you're gonna formula feed her now?


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      Here's another one. The Singapore National Skin Center web site:


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        Nuts can be a potential allergen as well. It could also be sensitivity to body soaps or clothes detergent.

        Edited to add: you can try applying bm to the dry areas, many mothers use bm for eczema, and it works.


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          Thanks momo for the resources . I just hope her eczema will clear, I'm worried if it's an inherited condition, that she may have eczema through life. Breaks my heart to vision her as a teenager with bad outbreaks

          Makeupmag, I also heard about applying BM. I think I'm going to try that, lets hope her skin is not sensitive to the milk


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            I've heard about mothers applying EBM to eczema problems and even inside the eye to treat infections. So I'm wondering, then why is there such emphasis that baby's mouth MUST be cleaned properly after bf or it could otherwise cause rashes/skin problems? :huh:


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              Hey Chris, I've never done that before (clean the mouth/tongue etc). Maybe it's more to do with friction than bm itself?


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                My paed and a senior doc (fr KKH, a talk which I attended) said it's rather common for kids to have eczema now, due to polluted environment, dust, and dry conditions (e.g. air-con). One main reason could be due to our 'good' hygiene habits where we now try to keep everything very clean and sterilised. Hence, the child is too 'well-protected' and lacks the resistance now. Usually babies with mild eczema will overcome this as they grow older - so no cause of alarm here.

                So far, I have been using 2 prescribed creams:
                1) Eidel - special cream to treat eczema - very expensive - $50 for a small tube of 15g - must not expose skin to sunlight after application - very effective cream

                2) Hydrocortisone - treats skin problems - can't recall exactly how much, but should be about $10. Use only very small amount of this - thin layer as it can be too strong for babies - very effective - I usually use this on my baby's arms, legs and body.

                Also, change his soap to non-soapy/non-fragrant ones like Cetaphil, QV wash, etc.

                Interestingly, they also advise us to avoid use of anything fragrant on the baby.


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                  Is it common for paeds to prescribe hydrocortisone to babies? I stopped using it on my own eczema because I worried about the long-term side effects. I can't imagine using it on a tiny baby.


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                    Here are things you should know about hydrocortisone:



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                      Originally posted by mango
                      I've heard about mothers applying EBM to eczema problems and even inside the eye to treat infections. So I'm wondering, then why is there such emphasis that baby's mouth MUST be cleaned properly after bf or it could otherwise cause rashes/skin problems? :huh:
                      my guess is that the properties of bm are broken down by the baby's saliva so that totally changes the situation. bm in its original form has healing properties, i think once its in contact with saliva, its different.


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                        renewing this thread because my baby's cheek rashes are taking forever to get better. i switched to bathing her with cetaphil and it improved for a couple of days.

                        i saw this product advertised on an old issue of Young Parents magazine - A-DERMA, which uses Rhealba Oat as its main active ingredient.

                        anyone use it before? is it good?


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                          My little one also has the same problem then we realise its because of the air conditioning. Once he does not sleep in the air con room his face gets better. Therein lies my dilemma, we have a huge mosquito problem so opening our windows cause them to fly in ( we live on the fourth floor) and the weather is so hot lately. :Doh: He really had it bad a few months back but he doesn't seem to get very angry rashes anymore.

                          BTW the rosy cheeks on my bb in the avatar thats actually his cheek rash.


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                            majacqueline, now that you have mentioned, the rashes does look bad from the avatar.

                            OTT, the mosquitoes are indeed multiplying & feeding quite fiercely these few weeks! My girl's face has become a war zone. I have resorted to sticking insect repellent patches near her when i spot mosquitoes flying around.


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                              Same here poem,

                              although its says that they are non toxic I still get a little worried about baby breathing in the insect repellent patch. I put it on him almost every night. Do you worry about that too?