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  • Being Responsible Online

    It has come to our attention that an irresponsible member of our forum has been making defamatory remarks about CozyCot.

    To protect the interest of our forum, we are sorry that our moderators have come to this decision of posting this publicly.

    I think it?s only fair that CozyCot has to make a firm stand with regards to our rules and regulations.

    We are here just to make the forum a better place to be. We understand that a small minority might not like them but hey, we can't please everybody, right. I know we are not exactly the most popular around here. Someone has to do the 'dirty' work, right? You can voice out that you aren't too pleased with the rules and regulations but we do not condone you bashing our forum and moderators in other forums.

    Rules and regulations are here for a reason and they are stated with an explanation why we have them in CozyBulletin. It was never our intention to superimpose the rules on you and made your life difficult (did we really?). We don't mean to sound harsh and we are truly sorry if we did but we can't imagine the forum turning into a big mess. All these are for your reading pleasure and it's all in the best interest of the forum. We understand that newer members need time to get used to the culture we have over here in Cozycot but many gals have done so without any problems. Cheers to all of you!

    Let us iterate one of the rules again. SMS-styled language is best reserved for sending out your sms. Do understand that we have many international cotters e.g. US, UK, Indonesia, Australia. It's not easy and fair to them to be re-reading your posts to understand what you are saying. We have received feedbacks regarding this writing style. Trust me, it's not that difficult to type out the sentences in full.

    It's okay if you are not grammatically correct. It's okay you mis-spell a few words. It's okay if your sentence structure is wrong.

    Whatever it is, if you think you would not be held liable for whatever you say in this cyberworld, think again.

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      Was It CozyCot?

      I just chanced upon this message, and I must be really dense since I just don't see it - how did you know that the lady (I suppose 'girl' is more appropriate as she looks rather young in her avatar) was referring to CozyCot? Perhaps she was talking about another beauty forum instead? Well, the only beauty forums I'm familiar with are CC, MUA and more recently, Green Cream Community (and now, thanks to your introduction, Flower Pod as well), but I'm sure there're plenty out there?

      At any rate, please don't worry about it, even if the girl was indeed alluding to CozyCot. I can't speak for everyone, but I, for one, have always been grateful that you folks look unfavourably upon SMS lingo in this forum. After all, expressions such as ?jin sian?, ?bo chap?, and the like aren?t truly English (Hokkien, I believe?). An occasional insertion of such terms may add a certain exotic flavour to the forum, to have the entire site peppered with them probably won?t be a good idea. And I do admit that there were times when I simply couldn?t decipher messages that were filled with abstract SMS short forms. Maybe I?m just old and hence, have lost touch with the hip and cool SMS jargon.

      Anyway, she probably posted those messages in a fit of anger. You know the young ? they tend to be quite frank, brutally so, but with no malicious intent. If you look at it from another angle, it?s actually a good thing to be able to let it all out, trash everything out, so to speak. There won?t be any second-guessing and it?ll be easier to sort out differences too.

      Anyhow, I?m digressing. What I?m trying to say in such a roundabout way (and probably, failing miserably!) is that you folks are doing a great job. You were, you are, and in all likelihood, you will continue to do so.

      By the way, the girl included such an array of adorable animated gifs in her messages over in Flower Pod. I had a great time saving them!


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        Re: Was It CozyCot?

        Originally posted by blossomcharm
        Maybe I?m just old and hence, have lost touch with the hip and cool SMS jargon.
        My husband saw this sentence and remarked that I sounded like Agatha Christie's Jane Marple. *sigh* Now, I really feel old!


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          i personally think this is a cyber environment but that doesnt mean we dont have to be responsible for our words and action.

          maturity is an issue here..guess some pple are just happy with being pointed out when they make a "mistake"

          being a singaporean myself, i do feel at home when localised language are used cos i can relate to it
          however having an explaination of the words helps...cos not all will understand dialects or rather "singlish"

          if you dont like something, probably u can bring it up

          there are no hard and fast rules actually... the idea is to make things easier

          do note, what goes round comes around. badmouthing a particular forum doesnt really seems to make you a "nice" person...

          p/s: all forums are different in their ways and we cant have everyone being happy here....
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            Re: Was It CozyCot?

            Originally posted by blossomcharm
            After all, expressions such as ?jin sian?, ?bo chap?, and the like aren?t truly English (Hokkien, I believe?). An occasional insertion of such terms may add a certain exotic flavour to the forum, to have the entire site peppered with them probably won?t be a good idea.
            Thanks dear!

            Great point you have there! We certainly do not mind words like 'bo-chup', 'xian' and some other dialects. What's most important is that we add an expalnation at the end of the message to expalin the meaning. Example as below. Not too sure cotters realise that but some of us do that. We even have an instance a while back when an US cotter didn't understand what we meant by referring to someone as 'sotong' but we explained. It was a great cultural exchange!

            Thanks for your feedback!

            *xian - bored
            *bo-chup - can't be bothered


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              I know she is referring to Cozycot because I happen to read those posts before they were deleted.
              I think it is her right to post in FLowerpod. She didnt say out right it is cozycot. If I remember correctly, everyone is very much after freedom of speech. She has a right to post to the thread and say things that is in her belief. So I dont see what is wrong with that.
              Also of course, the rules in Cozycot must be respected. But she didn's complain about the sms language style. If I remember correctly, Flowerpod is more flexible with the language there so it is perfectly ok for her to write like that there.
              Also, if I remember correctly before the posts were deleted, they were certain people who agree with her about the moderator's reaction to another cotter's queries and I do agree that the moderator was a bit sarcastic in her answer and not very moderator like.
              So I dont really see why you have to post this thread and attack her publicly.
              I think this is a public forum and everyone has a right to say something. Also what she did at Flowerpod is no different from
              us complaining to our friends about certain people or things. After all, the forum are a place to meet friends and chit chat with friends.
              She afterall did not name Cozycot in her post.
              However, this post did bring her out to the open. So I think there is a big difference.

              I have always enjoyed this forum. I have been here from the beginning, first as a lurker, then I did post a bit then I went back to lurking.
              I have to admit I did sense some changes. But overall, it is still a good forum and I think respect is the point there. Respect For everyone.
              Last edited by fiona; 16-10-2004, 03:35 PM.


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                firstly i want to applaud the mods for putting this out in the open- this is clearly a sign of respect for cotters as well as the space in which our discussion falls in. Allowing discussion, awareness of issues is definately a good thing, big thank you for working so hard and making us feel welcome.

                Secondly, she is quite clearly referring to CC if you check the last link posted by rabelesian. Indeed she has rightly stated she has nothing to fear - it is fair comment and not some factual allegation (for example xxx from CC stole my money and they are liars and cheats)

                Thirdly, while I do agree that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and fair comment - however are all forms of fair comment beneficial?

                With respect to everybody mods, cotters, lurkers and visitors alike: is the comment made malicious with the intent to lower or perhaps out of sarcasm? What is the intent of the comment? Was something more hinted beyond a statement?

                My point being - everyone who makes a comment directly to another person (versus a issue based discussion) needs to be responsible within a given space. If there's something to say for all parties-say it plainly.

                Beyond falling in line with the rules set out by the mods, lets consider the free choice we've all been given to make statements (like mine) and do so in an ethical and responsible manner. A public forum is a space delineated by people and not a friends chit/chat situation, there is a difference between the public and private space in my humble opinion.

                Malicious statements about another a person or community may be permissible- what is permissible is not always beneficial. Young (i'm just a kid) or 'old' (never to old to look good), hot tempered or not makes zero difference when posting in a public space. There is an 'edit' comment whenever you feel the need in all forums. What a privilege!

                I hope I haven't offended anyone, love and respect for cotters and it's great to hear differing opinions when openly and plainly expressed!
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                  Aren't u all bad-mouthing *someone* behind right now too???

                  Firstly I also want to applaud the people who speak out for me in open!!!

                  WOW WOW WOW!!! I am so honoured!!!
                  Starting a thread especially for *ME*???
                  This is what I always been dreaming for~!!!
                  And I like this!!!
                  *ThaNKs* for showering me with so much Attention!!!

                  I know u girls are so *In LoVe* with me!!!
                  Can't get enough of me, right???

                  Say and Think whatever u want about me!!!
                  Just scared u won't only!!!
                  My life still goes on as per normal!!!

                  And I had *NEVER* wrote the word *CozyCot* from last time!
                  Right now! And Till Now online in Beauty forums!!!
                  So who give u the idea that you know who're I talking about?!?
                  I don't think I'm so close with u..???
                  Unless *YOU* yourself know very well who I talking???
                  Everything need evidence, Can???

                  I actually *smiling* to myself when I typing all these!!!

                  Me no time now..
                  Gotta prepare for meeting up with my Boyfriend already!!!

                  SeeYa GirLs!!!
                  Don't miss me too much!!!
                  Coz I won't miss you!!!

                  And if there's an EDIT function somewhere else..
                  At CC..something is even better!
                  It's has the *DELETE* function!!!
                  Last edited by MiniVV; 16-10-2004, 08:17 PM.


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                    obviously maturity is an issue here, guess u are not that mature enough although u are THAT old.

                    good luck!


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                      this is going to be my first and last post here.
                      somehow the moderators suck,taking sides and stuff.
                      and i have absolutely no fucking idea why this topic is being set.
                      being responsible online? what bullshit.
                      (when there are people who dont even know how what ''responsible'' means in real life.)


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                        Originally posted by lemonlemon
                        being responsible online? what bullshit.
                        (when there are people who dont even know how what ''responsible'' means in real life.)
                        Perhaps then this is a good way to start learning.


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                          at yenyen!

                          *language skills needed*


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                            Originally posted by natnatviv
                            obviously maturity is an issue here, guess u are not that mature enough although u are THAT old.

                            good luck!
                            *Wahaha*!!! Guess u're speaking for urself!!!
                            Heard u are THAT old and even OLDER than me!
                            And what are u doing now???

                            Doesn't mean I respond this way reflect my level of maturity..
                            What's kind of saying is this???
                            I just don't want to handle matter like you girls..Can??!

                            Take life easy! Life is Short!
                            Don't u know that???

                            Good Luck back to u!!!
                            Heard many 'well-known tales' of U *behind scene*!!!
                            I mean it!!!

                            I don't need any words of luck from U!
                            So in future..Keep it for ur own use..U need it More!!!
                            Last edited by MiniVV; 16-10-2004, 11:06 PM.


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                              All these should just STOP here!!!

                              We just don't see eye to eye with each other,
                              why bother to say more???
                              It will end to nowhere..
                              I won't accept ur words! Either can u accept mine..
                              So use ur words for urself Can!!!

                              Steer clear of my Path in future!!!
                              And if u are too free,
                              also don't need to search for my posts again!!!

                              Find more meaningful things to do,
                              instead of placing so much attention on me!!!
                              I will be flattered!!!
                              Don't LoVe me too much Can~!!!