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  • Eternal Happiness on Channel U

    I bought the VCD and watched it all. Don't quite like the ending and am dying to discuss it with someone.

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    Hi Aphrael,

    How are u? Long time no see u here... hmm.. when can i catch this? it's korean/jap/hk/taiwan soap opera??


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      Hiya! How you doing? Oh, this is a TVB Cantonese dubbed Mandarin series on Channel U, 9pm weeknights (Zai4 Sheng1 Yuan2). I'm just so bursting to talk to someone about it (yes, I know I sound crazy).


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        I wished I can discuss the show with u, but I hardly watch telly. Kekeke.. i spent more time with the comp. What's the show abt? Addictive?? I try catching it on Mon nites.. =)


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          SPOILERS - please do not read if you want to be surprised.

          Well, in brief it's about Meng Lijun, which is actually a fictitious character in history. To my knowledge there are no female officials apart from the Tang dynasty when Wu Zetian was in power.

          Apparently Meng likes to dress up as a boy so that she can go to school with her brother, and excels at all academic pursuits, and surpassing most of her male peers at even martial arts. The original story is actually set in another dynasty, but this one is set in the Yuan dynasty which is ruled by the Mongolians. Meng happens to make friends with a Mongolian prince who is utterly devoted to her and would soon ascend the throne. By a twist of fate she runs away to avoid an arranged marriage to a person she's never met, who turns out to be one of the guys she met along with the Mongolian prince, and who also became her sworn brother.

          Anyways, some village bully also forces her hand in marriage after mistaking her maid for her, and frames her father for high treason, and she has to find some way to save him. She eventually ends up making top scholar and rights all the wrongs done to her family. She falls for the guy she was supposed to marry in the first place (for what reason I do not know - apart from being loyal I see no redeeming qualities in him), and spurns the Emperor. There are some other twists and the Emperor finally lets her go.

          I didn't like the ending because I felt that she led on the Emperor. In terms of character (note that I don't think the actors/actresses are particularly attractive so it doesn't play a part in my analysis) the Emperor is far more compatible with her, and he's done alot of things for her that would mean alot to most people. I think that in order to make the story fit with the original I just didn't think it was logical. While I understand that on principle, she would not want to be subjugated to a man, and that it's very tough to be married to royalty (ignoring the fact Mongolians and Hans are not permitted to be joined in matrimony at the time) I felt that she should have chosen neither if she had in fact stayed true to her character.


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            thanks for the storyline. i was actually wondering who she would end up with.

            initially i thought she might end up with the mongolian guy.. but knowing how hk directors are, i suspected that she would end up with the original guy whom she was due to marry.

            like you, i do felt that she's more compatible with the emperor and i want to know how she fall in love with the other guy

            haahah.. me and my soap operas. the other show that i like was the one where the face of a pretty and kind empress was switched with her friend who had a large birthmark on her face. i forgot the title of the show though.. but i thought the end, no doubt cliche, was lovely. afterall, it's only a show and i love shows that have nice ending


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              I don't really see the attraction of Huangfu Shaohua - the whole story is built on the fact she liked the flute player she heard in the first episode, but the Mongolian also played the flute, just not as well. You don't just lead someone on and decide on a whim it's not that person you like. She did try to hook up with him a couple times but he always missed the appointments, which I guess played a part in it. There was a huge misunderstanding where she thought he betrayed her and was in cahoots with the guys who framed her father, but after she made top scholar it was clear it was a misunderstanding since he's obviously the Emperor and enemies with the guys who framed her father. He also let her save her father just to make her happy. There were a couple incidents where the Mongolian abused his power to get her to marry him (not that he could anyways cos' of all the rules) which can be terrifying, but you can tell he really loved her (not that that's an excuse for abusing his power). He also missed out on the explanations of most of the misunderstanding, so I didn't think it was fair at all. Joe Ma who plays the Mongolian is a decent actor but a tad old for the role, and not very popular considering he usually plays the bad guy, so they probably couldn't let him get the girl. I did feel bad for the Queen though - she did nothing wrong and he just couldn't love her.

              I think the deciding factor was that she got to make the choice in the end, not that it was a particularly brilliant one, but she flouted all tradition to make sure she got the choice, which is her reason for not choosing the Emperor. Yeah, I think far too much.

              I really don't like stupid guys who follow tradition blindly, but Raymond Lam who plays Huangfu Shaohua is very popular in HK and even China, so I guess they had to make the ending happy. Everyone got something in the end, but I feel that there's a gaping hole in the plotline. Some of the reviewers said that they liked his character better as he's loyal and kind and pure. I do agree he turns out to be a very principled person in the end and does the right thing, but in real life it's just not possible to live on such lofty ideals.

              All in all this is a very well made periodic series for TVB and HK serials in general, so I can't complain too much. The theme song is utterly beautiful - never thought Kelly Chen could sing well (though I am a fan - an objective one though) but this is a very well-composed song. Another to add to my pathetic repertoire for karaoke.

              I think the one you're referring to is Wu2 Tou2 Dong1 Gong1 - I missed out on watching the second half of the series as I had to go back to Australia. What happened in the end?

              I don't usually like Korean serials either but I thought Hotelier (Qing4 Ding4 Da4 Fan4 Dian4) was very well made apart from the fact none of the Koreans spoke good English except the guy who played Leo. And the stupid CPR scene where the General Manager thumped the patient's chest - what the hell did he do it for? What's worse is that the patient was obviously awake - you don't do EAR when someone can breathe on their own! But I digress. Shin Dong Hyuk's (played by Bae Yong June) is a character much after my own heart - principled but intelligent.
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                hahah.. i'm rather amused that i'm actually discussing soap operas here with you, considering that i don't watch much these days to begin with. i do find it comforting that there's someone out there who actually enjoy watching these soap operas like me

                thanks also for the very detailed analysis + comments of the plot and characters. i do find it engaging sometimes to discuss things like this, even if it's some silly soap operas that i'm watching, just for leisure.

                yes, it's wu tou dong gong alright. i was actually contemplating on purchasing the vcd for this whole series!!! it was a happy ending, where the evil lady died in the end and the original empress got to be her empress and the emperor finally realises his mistake. the happy thing was that both sons turn out to be good. i like shows with good ending. i'm not too sure which parts you've missed.. if you could let me know, perhaps i could describe in greater details for u


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                  That's ok - I just realized my sister watched the whole series ... I am tempted to get A Step into the Past (Xun2 Qin2 Ji4) but apparently the acting isn't very good. I missed out on watching this as well when it was broadcast. TVB usually makes really stupid periodic dramas - dunno why Eternal Happiness touched me so. I prefer the China made ones - at least they use real horses and less CGI in most scenes, and they speak good Mandarin. I like watching the TVB ones in Cantonese - it's just so strange when dubbed - lose alot of the jokes too.

                  I used to watch a lot of TV when I was in high school, and now that I have a bit of time I'm catching up on what I missed. is a good site for some reviews. Now I want to get Lady Fan and Vigilante Force because of the good reviews. Not so impressed with Triumph into the Skies. I guess I'm a Joe Ma fan now cos' the ending wasn't really fair in Eternal Happiness .
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                    Although the acting in 'A Step into the Past (Xun2 Qin2 Ji4)' wasn't fantastic, I enjoyed watching the show - good way to relax after a tiring day at work. Some of the scenes were quite funny.


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                      I agree some of the scenes are rather funny~

                      But nearer to the ending, it was quite draggy.

                      I like to recommend this series comedy titled Jing(1)Pai(2)Bing(1)Ren(2). Some stories about matchmaking. Like the storyline.
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                        OK, who's watching Eternal Happiness on Channel U?

                        Hi everyone...desperately need ur help to ..esp to avid fans of Eternal Happiness on Channel U.

                        I need to know the title/singer of song being played when the show is ending. its a cantonese song and I cant seem to figure that out.

                        Pls help...thanks so much!!!!


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                          the song is sang by that huang fu shao hua. sorry i also don't know the title and his real name. his name is 2 characters i only know.


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                            thx pinkygal...can any1 pls help?


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                              oh, huang fu shao hua is Raymond Lam .