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Buying a Good Car Seat

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  • Buying a Good Car Seat

    I foresee myself ferrying baby lots by myself in the future. Need help on buying a good car seat.

    1) Do you buy an infant car seat (for babies up to 1 yr) first and then switch to a toddler car seat later or do you buy a convertible infant-toddler car seat? Read that the infant car seat is supposedly safer and has better neck/head support but I'm thinking of getting a good one that can see me through several years.

    2) Anyone tried driving with baby alone? If yes, do you place him/her in the front seat (with airbags deactivated) or back seat?

    3) Any models to recommend?


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    Not sure what types of car seats are good. But if I'm not wrong, baby car seats are strictly for the back seats.


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      Hi Momo,

      I think the concern about placing child seat in the front is that the airbag may suffocate the child if inflated during an accident. Some car models do not have function on deactivating the airbag. I can deactivate the airbags in mine and the my car manual says that i can place a rear-facing baby seat in the front but I must remember to deactivate the airbag.

      Personally, I think it's safer to place the seat at the back. However, if I'm driving alone with baby, having him seated next to me in the front allows me to reach out to him easier. But I want to check if any mommies have tried driving with their kid in the back seat.

      Also, I've got a trickier problem here. I drive a 2-door car so if i place the child seat in the back, i need one that is easy to buckle up the child. Would need recommendations, please


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        Originally posted by keiko
        However, if I'm driving alone with baby, having him seated next to me in the front allows me to reach out to him easier. But I want to check if any mommies have tried driving with their kid in the back seat.
        Hi keiko, I don't think it is a good idea to reach out to baby as alot of accident happens when people try to reach out for something while driving and lose focus on the road.

        Placing baby at the backseat is fine cos you can have some toys to distract baby. What you can do is buy a mirror and attach it to the wind screen then you can see baby and baby can see you. This gives baby assurance and if baby cries you can at least see him and know why and still be safe.

        And BTW, there is a stroller and carseat sale at mothercare.


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          Keiko, I got a Britax car seat for my baby, cause this brand is one one of the most reliable ones around, all their car seats go through crash tests.


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            Hello Keiko,

            Driving with bb alone is fine. I do that all the time since he was less than 9 months old till now. I place bb at the back seat, on the left hand so that i can reach him easier if i were to turn around.

            Start with short trips, make sure baby is well fed and comfortable. Store lotsa toys in the car, and kiddies cds too! Mirror is a good idea to enable u to see baby easily but i didn't have that. For me, i will bring snacks along too coz when toys dont work anymore, baby bites do..

            Driving with baby at your side is quite distracting. Moreover, air bag prevented me to. I've tried it with another car without the air bag and i must say, it's really distracting coz baby (2 yrs old) will touch this and that and start kicking. When he's at the back, i can just ignore him but not when he's in front with me.. Tried out bcoz wanted to put another car seat for his baby brother who is 6 mths old. So now, no choice but to put both car seats at the back. Really makes my life easier with my 2yr old at the back.. hehe

            My baby's seat is Chicco.


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              Hi Keiko,

              I am in the same dilemma. Heard that most infant car seat/capsule is only until baby is a year old. I want to make the best of this thing too.

              A friend of mine bought Cosco with extra head/neck support.


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                I bought the Britax Royale from Kids Mall.

                It's a convertible car seat, hence can use from newborn up to about 3-4 years old. It's rear facing for now and will change to forward facing when she's bigger. I first put my baby into the car seat when she was a few weeks old, it's fine for her. Didn't even need the extra head support pillow because the car seat is well padded. The extra padding can be removed when she's bigger.


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                  Thanks. Will look into these convertible ones.


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                    Thanks gals for the tips. It is reassuring to hear that mommies have left their baby to sit alone at the back. But the problem is that with a rear facing baby seat, i won't be able to see him if i place him in the back seat. Maybe i should place another mirror at back!


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                      Hi keiko, the baby car seat that mango mentioned which is also what I brought at mothercare during their sale (which is such a steal) can be placed both ways (front & rear facing). Its for new born up to not sure 12kg or 15kg (I may be wrong, need to check).

                      You can always go to mothercare and ask the salesperson for advise. I find that most of them have very good product knowledge and they won't mind if you ask and end up not buying (at least for me my experiences with them are always good).


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                        Thanks naughtygal!

                        I'll drop by Mothercare this weekend. I'm also thinking of Britax ones because i think they are the only brand that has the Isofix thingy which is a safety standard for baby seats and my car can take Isofix car seat.


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                          BTW, keiko, the car seat I got is called Britax first class. hths.


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                            Thanks Mango! Is it a convertible one? Easy to put baby in it?


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                              convertible as in what? If you mean like one of those travel system thingy, then nope, its not. But this car seat can be used from newborn all the way to few years old. Fits a newborn baby very snugly.