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    Hey!! I want to be fit by losing my extra weight. I'm 200 pounds and I need to be around 150 pounds. I know it will take time to show a good result and I think it would be better if I have proper guidance. I don't think starving is a good idea to lose the weight so I'm thinking about Harvey Brooker's 20/20 healthy eating programs for men in Toronto. This was recommended by one of my friends. Has anyone tried it? How was your experience? Is it worth spending money?
    Men’s Diet and Weight Watcher Plans More often than not, men eat what is put in front of them without posing any questions. It’s not their fault; they’ve been cooked for their whole lives by their mothers, their girlfriends and wives. They go to business meetings at restaurants, they have to take clients out for... read more >

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    Hello. I faced weight issues too. After 2 pregnancies, i cant seem to shed off that last kgs. Plus i exercise 3 times a week (zumba, jogging and yoga) n eat healthy and count calories intake. Recently, i just embark on a weight management program introduced by a fren. It aims to reduce body fats. No extreme dieting and no starvation needed. No side effects like heart palpitations or unable to sleep at night. Minimal or no exercise needed. This is my 2nd week on it n i can see my tummy becoming smaller. They provide free body fat analysis with no obligations. PM me if you are keen to do your free body fat analysis or find out more about the program.