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Speed up data processing for clusters with Aiven?

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  • Speed up data processing for clusters with Aiven?

    Hi guys,

    I have been living alone for quite some time now, because my children have moved out. In order not to sink into self-pity, I have decided to convert my whole house to Smart Home.

    This is supposed to work best with the clusters of MirrorMaker. However, I have never worked with this kind of database management system before and I am accordingly insecure.
    What is the processing speed with MirrorMaker?
    I have heard that MirrorMaker is great in itself, but that the processing speed could be improved with a provider. I would use Aiven for MirrorMaker.

    Aiven is a provider that is supposed to speed up the processing of the clusters. What do you think about Aiven, have you ever used it before?