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    Hi, anyone knows which is the best place or school for learning Pop piano? will also do if u know of any private teacher to recommend
    Suggestions welcome.

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    Have you asked the Yamaha school? Pop piano shouldn't be too new.. but with Coldplay and Keane rekindling it these days.. sounds exciting!

    Let us know what Yamaha has to offer, girl


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      Yamaha courses

      Pop Piano
      You may choose to entertain yourself on the digital piano or jam with friends in a pop band. The pop piano course covers basic stylized playing over a wide range of repertoire. You will learn to play melody with enhanced music background accompaniment.

      Beginner's Level


      Basic music rudiments and notation
      Accompaniment patterns in 3-beat, 4-beat and 8-beat
      Exercises for finger training and hands co-ordination
      Learning of basic major and minor chords formation
      Rhythm training for both hand independents

      Course Details

      Age Group : 11 years and above
      Group lesson duration : 1 hour per lesson per week
      Individual lessons : Available
      (optional) : Yamaha lower grade performance examination


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        Will definitely go check out Yamaha and Cristofori during the weekend. Yamaha should be more expensive tho'

        Anyone interested in learning with me?


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          i've always wanted to learn piano!! wanted to learn classical piano from yamaha, but due to time contraint n budget contraint, skipped it...

          i'm kinda interested to take it up if its not too ex and fits into my schedule!!


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            Haha...same here, its been my childhood dream!

            I tried taking up classical piano sometime middle of this yr while I was idling at home. Then suddenly, things got busy at work and I had to give it up after a few lessons.
            Thought of taking up pop piano first as classical is alot of work and you need to practice and practice if you wanna sit for exams. Me thinking of playing pop piano first and taking up classical again when I have more time. It may also help cos you sort of know the notes and your finger work is there.

            I am thinking of sat mornings....will you be available? Will put up the cost once I've enquired from Yamaha and Cristofori.


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              sat mornings shld be fine... but i dont have a piano at home.. so cant really practise..

              but i'm keen on it!


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                hello all... i have a pte piano teacher to recommend.. she's good.. if u r interested... pm me....


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                  anyone taking up adult piano lessons? i am kind of keen to take up next year when i start work but i felt rather old to start now. 22 already! hmm or would keyboard be a better choice because i don't have a piano at home. I haf a really old keyboard at home.


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                    my gf bought a keyboard to try out first .. she's also doing grade 1 now as i am but in time to come, the small keyboard won't be enough and the feel of the key is different from normal accoustic pianos as well. so really up to you on what type of music styles you want to pursue


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                      Hey Dozalot,

                      I am also looking to take up pop piano. In fact, I did a google online and found this school. . Play By Ear Music School

                      I called up and spoke to one of the staff Andrew and he is really helpful. I am thinking of going down next week to check, and if possible sign up for one of the pop piano improvisation course. He told me registration is $20 and fee is $120-$140 per month per session of 45 min.

                      If you are interested, maybe we can go together to check it out?

                      BTW, Any cotters heard of this schools? Is it any good?
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                        hey all, i have a private piano teacher to recommend =) he teaches jazz, pop, improvisation and basically anything. he also has his own two bands and does public and private performances. he has tons of experience and is leaving in the middle of next year for berklee to further his music and jazz studies. if anyone is interested, feel free to pm me!


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                          Hi Smartcat,

                          Have you sign up the Play By Ear Music School Pop Piano course? Well, I have signed up for the Yamaha POP piano course that they mentioned earlier on. Well, it seems the same for the POP piano course.

                          However, I'm only interested in the play by ear learning. The webby is very interesting thanks.
                          Keep us updated on the courses.


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                            hmm i wanted to take up piano or pop piano or keyboard lessons. but now im 21, like abit old?? i cant imagine myself going into a class full of kids den i m the oldest n maybe learning the slowest there! haha


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                              I just took up piano a month plus ago at Music Clef, Suntec Level 3, above Mango.
                              Fees are around $126 monthly. It's one-to-one session.
                              You may go down to book a free trial session with them.

                              They do classical piano, pop piano, drums, guitars, singing as well.

                              It's never too old to start learning. I'm turning 24 this year.