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  • America's Next Top Model

    My all time favourite reality show. Anyone in the same league as me?

    I kinda like Catie, but I'm totally disgusted by her character. It's so not professional of her to cry like 3 or 5 times on tv. I hate to see Heather go today. She'd makes the show more interesting

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    Me Me!!!

    I followed it religiously week after week. Like the b.i.tching and behind the scene catfight. Hahaha...

    Well, I don't have any all-time fave yet, and it's really hard trying to guess who will be America's next topmodel!


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      tabbie, I totally agree with you on the Catie part. She really IS very kiddy and immature.

      She likes to contradict herself by saying " fear is just a waste of emotion and time" . CRAPPP!!! and the next thing she goes around wimpering. Gosh!

      I thought April was really pretty in that suspended in the air photo shot. love love that look!


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        Me three! Me three!
        I'm a sucker for reality shows. With amazing race gone for the time being, and survivor being so boring, this IS the show to watch!!

        Hmm, I was ok with Heather going because she didn't seem to fit in. The person I can't stand the most is Janice Dickinson!! :puke:


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          can't stand katie, such a cry baby. though i've to admit she looks damn good with that pixie haircut.

          shandi's transformation is amazing!

          and i like april too, for her asian features and cool personality.


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            Jazzanova, shandi was the one who had the worse catwalk in the first episode right? Yeah I thought she improved alot but I think she is still too weak to cope with modelling if she ever won the title. :roll:


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              yeah shandi's the one with the skeleton catwalk
              after her transformation, she reminds me a wee bit of avril lavigne. hehe.
              as one of the judges said, she's too meek, got the personality of a mouse. well, it depends whether she'll 'mould' to the bitchy mode in the next few episodes.
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                WHOA! I couldn't take the suspense anymore, I went to check who won!

                Stilafaux, I think Shandi STILL has the worst catwalk!

                Yoanna is really gorgeous, yes? No?
                I think she is, but I didn't find her "smokey eyes" look so good that she can be proclaimed the winner today.


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                  Yeap agreed brainspoil! I really think Shandi has the WORSE catwalk but the haircut and makeup wise, she did was not too bad for someone like her!

                  Jazzonova, I am curious about Shandi being "moulded" to be one of the girls. I think if she does not improve her catwalk, Tyra might have doubts about her.

                  I think xiomara was abit off with the goth look she wore today. It made her look worse than she was! Pretty disappointed that Heather was leaving instead of xiomara. I thought Heather had good features and potential to grow, just that she could not mix with the other girls well enough.


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                    Originally posted by brainspoil
                    WHOA! I couldn't take the suspense anymore, I went to check who won!
                    hmm...i went to the official site to check out katie's pixie cut and the winner was staring right back at me. :piss: yeah my fault for going there in the first place

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                      I couldn't help it but to go check out the web site. hehehe. It is actually who I thought would win! Yayyyy happy!


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                        I like April and Shandi....they kinda stand out from the rest for me...the rest are quite forgettable.


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                          I'm the odd one here. I don't quite like April. Her brows don't suit her facial features. I like Yoanna and Shandi.

                          I'm so tempted to cut that pixie hair of Catie's!


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                            i like yoanna too... doesn't she kinda remind you of elyse from the previous series? i mean they both have jet black hair, sharp features, flawless porcelain skin and suit short cropped haircuts. similar in many ways huh... its just what i think..

                            april's pretty good too.. exquisite sorta exotic, asian feel. though yea, i think she shld do something to her brows too. they kind of stick out of nowhere IMO.


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                              now that i remember, yoanna reminds me of angelina jolie. looks apart, her gungho character as well. her short crop now is so damn cool, if only i have the same sharp features to carry off that look. hehe