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  • Refrigerators

    Well, thought I'd start up a series of threads on the new appliances I bought lately, since my old stuff is gradually conking out. The newest addition is one of the Mitsubishi Folio fridges - I got the older model for the biggest size - MR50D or something. The new one's MR 50E.

    All in all the design is fantastic - 6 door design with the refrigerator compartments on top that has two doors (chill compartment within this that allows you to keep foods that need to be kept at low but not freezing temps), automatic ice-maker (my favorite), versatile compartment on the same level as the ice-maker that you can alter the temperature of to store anything from frozen foods to wines, a vegetable compartment beneath that and a huge freezer compartment beneath. It's not as energy efficient as the ones with the freezer on top, as cold air sinks, and the floor around it is a bit warm since the compressor has to vent the warm air somehow, but I rate it highly for the design. It's one of the best refrigerators I've seen in the last 5 years (been scouting for a long time before making my decision). Harvey Norman is having a sale for the old model which is exactly the same as the new one apart from the control panel's position on the fridge door. The new model retails for $3600+, if you can get it from the heartland stores it goes down to around $3000. The stainless steel ones come at $4199 but I'm sure the smaller stores are cheaper. Harvey Norman's promotion sells the old model at $2600+, which I thought was a great deal (free delivery, they even get rid of the old fridge for free) - even if I got the new model it'd still be $3000 or more. They only have a couple left, straight from Mitsubishi's factory, so if anyone's interested hurry. I got it from the Millenia Walk store.

    Not a cheap fridge, and a bit bigger than most, but if you need a big fridge that's more energy efficient relative to the European brands, this is it. LG fridges look really nice but the big ones typically have only two doors with multiple compartments - this will allow leakage of cold air and waste energy.

    The smaller Folios are a similar design, smaller and suited for most small-medium homes. I am very impressed with this line of refrigerators. My last Mitsubishi lasted 17 years before showing signs of wear and we decided to replace it before it conked out leaving us with tons of rotten food. I am decidedly more partial to freezer compartments at the bottom as it's easier for me to reach for heavier foods.

    If someone can find a pic and post it it might make it clearer - feeling a bit lazy at the moment.

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    are u looking for a fridge, bought one or just putting up comparisons? :huh:


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      I'm fastidious about everything ...

      Anyways, I thought CozyHome was a place to share our experiences at home decor and improvement. It's been a bit slow, and I thought people might benefit from reviews of appliances. After all, we all need to replace things at some point in our lives, and there are very very few reviews directed at Asian appliances.


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        oic to share your experiences, pardon me for my ignorance then!


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          theres a catalog called smart home or sth like that. their fridge is awesome! comes intact with TV, thermometer, water and ice dispenser, water filtering system, FM & AM, can be connected to dvd/vcd player, large storage ( 2 doors), very nice n modern design, env friendly....5 stars out out 5!


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            using a side by side fridge at the moment, did contemplated getting a top-bottom fridge but i prefer the water cooler that comes with the side by side


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              Both are equally appealing to me. They look sleek & high-tech. I guess the prices are steep too.


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                F&P for me, niang jia F&P, now also F&P.

                i understand many tops brands (made in non country of origin ones) are OEM by some other manufacturers, once u opened the doors, voila, identical inside! this is common since 4-5 years ago, now worse?!?


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                  Originally posted by vernis
                  F&P for me, niang jia F&P, now also F&P.

                  errr F & P = ????
                  u got to pardon me for my ignorance


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                    I'm using Fisher & Paykel (in short it is also known as F&P ) top-bottom refridgerator.


                    What we look for in a fridge:
                    We were looking for a huge refridgerator in Iridium Stainless Steel (to blend in so as to achieve a lookalike stainless steel design look) with depth and wide storage. Next, we consider the total number of volume (in litres) so that we know the energy efficiency of the fridge. Also, this fridge comes with door alarms so you will not left the doors open accidentally for long periods of time.
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                      I think it just has to depend on the dimension instead of side by side/ top & bottom design? but most of the time, side by side fridge is having a wider surface area.

                      one problem to note with side by side fridge is whether you mind having the door detached and fix it back when yr kitchen entrance might be too small for the fridge to go in as one whole set. Thats what I was told by the sa. Some people are very particular abt these since its side by side fridge isnt that cheap.

                      Anyone tried Samsung/ Toshiba? Recently they are having those ions stuffs for fridge, help to preserve yr food longer...... and my SO said that electricity consumption should be taken note of when purchasing a fridge.


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                        Originally posted by VinLongo
                        electricity consumption should be taken note of when purchasing a fridge.
                        Yes, you're right about it.


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                          i love side by side fridge

                          Mine is a samsung, that;s the smallest in the market that i can find for just 2 persons


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                            mine is a top bottom. my mum has a side by side.

                            top-bottom has less freezer space. side by side has more but only slightly because it has narrower shelves.

                            i chose top-bottom because most of the time we are reaching for stuff in the fridge not freezer, so makes sense to have that at eye level isn't it? mine is a LG. very simple design and very affordable as well


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                              U are a married lady??

                              Dear buyers, do go to neighbourhood shops are they are much cheaper. If they don't have the model you desire on display, refer to their respective brand brochures or quote your model, most gladly provide you a quote, ask for free delivery (if they say separate charges) only after settling for a price.

                              I personally blacklist Mega Discount Store , not the cheapest nor expensive though.