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    Osim and Karcher both have steam cleaners. You can find them at B1 of Tangs household stuff, situated at both sides of the escalator. Osim is priced at around 1K, whereas the Karcher comes in different sizes and ranges from around $300 to 1K.

    OSIM Steam Cleaner

    Karcher Steam Cleaners

    I don't have one but was seriously considering getting the small Karcher model last year. My dogs often pee around my house and a steam cleaner seems like a good way to clean and sanitise without use of harmful detergents. But I wanted to use this mainly for cleaning the floor and the handle tends to be quite heavy and bulky. My mum was concerned about how much electricity this would consume to clean the house. Didn't want it to be a white elephant in the house so I didn't buy it in the end.

    But do get the sales people to do a demo for you. It's really quite impressive cos it gets all the grime out with just water. And get it during the Tangs sales! More value for money
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    Lazy me ...I've been eyeing on a Karcher Robo Cleaner since the day it was launched.


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      So, is anyone using a steam cleaner now? I'm thinking of getting one good one. I like the sound of the OSIM one but it's so expensive.


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        Handheld vacuum cleaners

        Yet another one of my review threads. My Philips conked out a couple years ago, and my mother didn't bother replacing it. We went out on an expedition and compared several designs before settling for the Moulinex Agilo that does both wet/dry.

        Actually, I don't recommend vacuuming spills - wiping it up is far more efficient. The only reason I got this is just in case I vacuum up some liquid by mistake it wouldn't short circuit on me.

        For starters, it pays to be realistic when buying small appliances. I just needed something to pick up the hair I've been moulting all over the place and to clear out the fluff that my broom doesn't pick up. No, not pet dander. My Softstraigtened bra-strap length locks. Good for cars and places that don't have powerpoints, but don't expect more than 10-15 min of continuous use, which sounds really little, but is sufficient if you just use it for small things. Handheld vacuums are mainly used to pick up small objects/dirt from dry surfaces, not for heavy duty cleaning. And no, don't vacuum your upholstery. It's just a waste of time and energy with a handheld unit.

        So far, I've had a Philips and a Black & Decker look alike - while these are more established brands, Philips just didn't make the distance, dying in less than 2 years with weekly use, while B & D's design was too bulky.

        Moulinex comes in a convenient bubble shaped handheld unit that stands upright in its stand while recharging. It only comes in 1 color combination, ocean/baby blue, for the vacuum and motor unit respectively. It doesn't have a paper filter/bag, but comes with a reusable cloth bag that you can empty. You can get replacement bags, but I suggest just picking up dry dirt and just emptying it. It's washable, but I wouldn't risk getting dust all over the place while cleaning. By the time it wears out, the vacuum probably ought to be replaced. Small appliances in Singapore typically don't last for more than 10 years due to the humidity. For real heavy duty vacuuming, just get one of the regular vacuums (I highly recommend Dyson - haven't used it myself but the reviews are fantastic and I know someone who uses it for precleaning carpets to be steamcleaned).

        There are also two attachments - one crevice tool and another a brush but I don't see any bristles on it. I like using the crevice tool at all times as it's detachable and I can wash it after each use. Yes, if you're noticing a pattern, I admit that I am obsessive about cleaning.

        Prior to first use it has to be charged for 16 hours. The end result is a very powerful unit that picks up dry dirt effortlessly, much more powerful than my other handheld vacuums. I'm quite pleased with my selection. After all the brands that didn't make it up to scratch, I've learnt to read reviews and do my homework prior to buying anything new.

        Anyways, I bought it for $59.90 at Carrefour - it sells for $69 at Best Denki (and they thought they could trick me). The dry version sells for $10 cheaper, and if you're certain you won't accidentally pick up wet dirt, it's a good money saver.


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          if anyone is investing in a good vaccum cleaner...go osim. it may be a little expensive but worth the $$$$


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            Re: Handheld vacuum cleaners

            Hey Aphrael! Thanks for the review! Was thinking of getting one handheld vacuum cleaner and your article really comes in handy

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              Hey Aphreal thanks for the reviews! Am looking into buying a handheld vacumn for my room. Will try out the Moulinex receommended!


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                I bought the OSIM iEcologi. Regretted. Finds it very heavy to use. Maybe cos I'm a skinny and no strength person. Was thinking of selling it away. But to be fair, yes it does suck dirts very well.


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                  Re: OSIM iEcologi

                  Yes, I do use the steam function to "mop" my marble floor. In fact I bought it for the steam function. Thought it might be useful in killing germs on the floor as I've a young daughter. Overall, I think it did give me the squeaky clean sound and feel. And yes, it does not leave water marks on the floor unlike mops.

                  I find the suction is more powerful than normal vacums.

                  I guess if you are living in a single storey apartment then its not so bad. The wire is actually quite long, and I can drag to everywhere within the same room easily.

                  Originally posted by nicole
                  oooh, I heard the same about weight and bulkiness.

                  littlelambie, do you mean this machine's suction is more powerful than other cleaners? Do you use the steam cleaner function? USeful?

                  Any Karcher's steam cleaner user?


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                    Are you thinking of selling it? If yes, PM me!


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                      what bad experience u have with Osim mermaid?

                      Btw, for Osim iecologi, does one need to carry it up to vacumm around the ceiling??? Or the attachment is long enough to do the job? I already having OBVIOUS veins on my arms as I always carry heavy stuffs and I dont want to exert too much strength anymore.....


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                        Heehee, sorry for my late reply. Was not following this thread.

                        Will check with my SO. If we wanna sell will PM you.

                        Originally posted by ashlee
                        Are you thinking of selling it? If yes, PM me!
                        But surprisingly I thought the iEcologi's wheels were very smooth. I felt it was so much easier tugging it than normal vacuum cleaner. I have not tried the Mermaid though.

                        Originally posted by nicole
                        Mermaid, I remember it was a chore cleaning the machine and it doesn't move around smoothly. Gave it away and new owner doesn't like it too.

                        go test out iEcologi @ osim.


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                          anyone here has the irobot? any reviews especially for the new models that can return to charging station when battery is low?

                          i've been eyeing one for ages


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                            *hands up*

                            i bought the irobot about 6 months ago, basically to do basic carpet cleaning and floor sweep. it works like a broom and a vacuum cleaner

                            it works a breeze, however the only thing is u have to empty the trash every time u finish using.
                            it is freaking noisy too!

                            i shed hair like no one's business so a lot of hair gets caught
                            in the roller area of the irobot

                            SO cleans it out every couple of uses though.

                            when the irobot hits an obstacle, it just move back in another direction.
                            Note: this is not for hard to reach areas and hard core vaccum.

                            overall, a good thing as i live next to the main road and the house is always full of dust.



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                              How much did you pay for the irobot? Also, how long it can run by itself before the battery runs out?