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  • BUSH or KERRY?

    Came across an interesting article about how the campaign logos of each party compares, in terms of sending out their message to the American people by way of mere fonts and colours.

    Who do you think will be the next President? Whose line of work involves watching them every waking hour? What's your take - on anything related at all?

    Me? I have NO clue. Media and Econ experts say Kerry's two up against Bush (correct me if I'm wrong - I suck at current affairs) but Bush has the nation gravitating his way because of the terrorism issue (never mind whether there's a hidden agenda behind the Iraq war).

    It's American Idol 3 now!
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    I think many wd like Kerry to win, but Bush will win?? Just a guess!

    Interestingly, George Soros is putting several millions to stop Bush from being president for a second term.

    But I've more or less given up following American current affairs--domestic and foreign. Everytime I flip the pages it's either blast here or there in Iraq. so sad and tiring!


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      i would prefer kerry cos i think he is the lesser of 2 evils but then again i have this hunch bush would win

      btw glossie, i read the same article too, the one where the writer compared the 2 logos, interesting huh?


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        another 4 years of plain ole stupidity and Bush-isms will be too much to take!!!

        at least Kerry is somewhat intelligent and *THINKS* for himself. Edwards isn't too bad himself too.

        then again, i thought Edwards was pretty good even before the Democrats chose Kerry as their candidate. caught a bit of their campaigning and he struck me as someone 'good' (for want of a better word!)

        but it's a fairly hard call. very hard to tell how the votes will swing.....the fickle public!


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          If you are young and not a Democrat, you have no passion.

          If you are old and not a Republican, you have no brains.

          A common saying in the States. Guess that dsecribes the electorate well enough for the Americans themselves.


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            So apt!

            Edwards is a looker

            Bush uses religion to his advantage. Kerry doesn't talk about tax cuts. I reckon, most of us (and some Americans) would like a different Mr President, but the gut feeling always points back to Bush :roll:


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              Kerry is just too slick.

              Bush? One thing for sure, he wears his heart on his sleeve. His face is an open book. He's also the most disrespected president!

              I don't know... ...

              If only we are as interested in our country's politics but as we all know :roll: what's the frickin' point?


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                -has no freaking policy of his own to show for.
                -just exists and plays to the advantage of being a supporter of everything Bush isn't.

                e.g. If you are a politicial rival, whats the best tactic? Woo people who oppose Bush's policies...which are- Anti-abortion, anti-stem cell, pro-war, anti-gay marriages et cetera

                It's a very simple strategy because although Bush can count to win the hearts of many Christians, there are also numerous Christians/Catholics who believe in gay marriages strongly, believe in abortion...stem cell and all that. I personally know quite a number, so that way, Kerry can not only win non-Christian supporters, he can even win Christian supporters. Which is mostly attributed to the "We just want a change" attitude, and all those policies he stands for.

                As you can see in the debates, Kerry gives his best performance for questions on why he supports stem cell research and stuff despite of his religion (i bet he has a special team to help him come up with nonsense reasons and he rehearses ten times a day on those questions)...but when it comes to other things...other things that matter more to day-to-day concerns (e.g. tax), he is not only evasive but lacklustre in his comments.

                Plus, he has a horrid hairstyle and his wife CANNOT be a first lady.
                Well, that was just my hugely biased two cents..


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                  Good un' pix! Here's the other side In view of hugely biased opinions at 2am

                  Bush cannot be president. Monkeys make BAAAAAD presidents. Bush also cannot be president because heee isssss a liar and we lost a friend from 9-11. Bush also cannot be president because there are no weapons of mass destructions in Iraq and the stupid obtuse argument that "my generals told me we were ready, ready for war, ready to go in" when pushed with why american death tolls are climbing demonstrates a mind of incredible stupidity It's like hey boy, JUMP! and bush gives a mighty leap, then asks, "Wait..hey.. did u just ask me to jump? wait..that wasn't uh such a good idea..did 4000 people die..?" Use your monkey brain, monkey!
                  Also, his greaters supporters in the coallition of the willing (so there's an unwilling yes?)-Brits (big and strong)..and uh.. Poland. Gee whiz, britain and..poland? talk about 10 flights down the rung of power.
                  Halilburt is also eeeeevil. mistakes cannot happen twice nevermind if the other guy doesn't have new ideas to oppose! Bush has no neck! Dick Cheney looks like beady eyed alligator! Ok i'm having too much fun.

                  Watch John Stewart take the mickey out of BOTH of them instead
                  all in good fun, funny how we get more roused by US politics than the empire at home.


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                    ^interesting post!

                    caught part of the live debate on thursday. Bush is awfully good at not answering the question! you ask him A, he'll tell you B, why? because he doesn't know the answer to A! Oh, and he's awfully bad at public speaking. That said, I can't picture John Kerry as President somehow though!


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                      Well NEITHER Bush nor Kerry should be president.. they both s.u.c.k. :puke:

                      They should have a female president...i bet she'll kick ass.

                      And anyway, i think it's quite mean of Kerry and Edwards to target Dick's lesbian daughter. I mean the poor lass is his daughter, wth do they expect Dick to do? Disown her?!!

                      Too bad SG's politics are nowhere as scandalously-interesting. The only mildly scandalous figure is more embarrassing than anything else.... who else but Chee Soon Juan.*cringe*


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                        yeah.. the good thing about US politics is we get to be candid, i keep self censoring when i make opinons about local politics here.

                        let will smith run for presidency already heh! (he expressed his ambitions in an article) On a more serious note, it's great we get to discuss these things in CC.


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                          I belong to the 'anyone but Bush' group. But despite thoroughly hating Bush for his brainless and costly policies, both domestic and foreign, I doubt Kerry will win. Like quite a few people have pointed out, he simply has no policies of his own. That really doesn't work for a presidential election, unless the other guy's really hated. And Bush isn't (unfortunately).


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                            suddenly recalled a campaign button i saw in NY

                            Who is the current president of the United States?

                            - That's a no-brainer.


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                              Originally posted by Pixash
                              They should have a female president...i bet she'll kick ass.
                              Maybe someone like Hilary or Condelezza Rice? I take my hats off to them.