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    anyone likes the EBI RICE BURGER?? ever since my colleagues recommended me in Jan...there is no stopping me!! i must eat it at least once or twice every week...if not will feel like something is missing!

    the prawns used are fresh and a generous serving as well, the rice used is so soft, the sauce is a must, without this sauce, the burger is tasteless!! and with lettuce and the seaweed as the finale ...*yummy*!!

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    OMG! Meisim.. now i know we shared the same taste in food. LoL! I love love love the EBI RICE BURGER also. It's unique and different, unlike most fast-food burgers, u don't get a bun, but a burger made of rice. Hehehe... just writing abt this is making me hungry again, just had l.o.r mee for my breakfast just now. Hehehe...

    Becos i'm a non-meat eater, my choices are pretty limited, besides ebi, there's also unagi or fish burger i can order. Not sure if they have any salmon, but ebi rice burger is definitely my fave, but it's costlier than other FF prices.

    Ohhh.. and not forgetting my fave milk shake! Actually my fave is Mac milk shake but they have since phrased that out, no more milk shake for me for a period of time, i'm so sad and depressed.... until until.. i discovered they sell milk shake at MOS burger. I'm so delighted, so happy. No more going across the causeway to get milk shake from Mac. Now we can find this here. But of cos, i still prefer Mac milk shake, but mos burger's is the next best thing to me. Comes in 3 flavours: vanilla, coffee, strawberry. Yep, u got that right, no choco. =( Don't expect the coffee to taste like choco cos it never will be. My fave's among the 3 is strawberry. Hehehe... but do be aware, it's very very fattening! :shout:


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      ahh i love mos burger too! and their fries are to die for. love the chilli too! ahhh too bad they dont have mos burger here now im craving for mos burger!! i usually eat their spicy mos burger. yum! SO loves their ebi rice burger too!


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        As much as I love Mos burgers, I dislike the portion. It's pathetically mini and not filling at all (I have to eat 3 burgers to fill my tummy). Definately expensive for a fast food restaurant. But nevertheless, I still patronise cos I can't resist their fries and ice milk tea


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          You girls are terrible! Making me work up an appetite for Mos Spicy Burger now. Think I'll log off and go and eat ASAP


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            I love MOS! It's my favourite fast food joint ever.

            They are a little more expensive than other fast food joints but I guess I am paying for their great service, make to order style and their cleanliness!

            I really love their minestrone soup and their finger food like the butterfly prawns. Piping hot and extra crispy. Beats the wrapped prawns Mac's offering now. Their iced tea is refreshing and not as sweet

            The best part is the cute designs on their packages.Simple yet cute I like the part about giving saucers to put chilli in!


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              oh my goodness, u gals are whetting my apetite.. ah, i didnt know that MOS burger has milkshake. i usualli drink their milk tea... i'd defninitely go n check it out.

              i dun understand why mac in sg has to pull out the milkshake. i used to like either their vanilla/ strawberry. now i onli drink milkshakes from coffee club. i was "observing" the waiter- its 2 cool scoops of magnolia icecream and milk and then another 1 more scoop on top when they serve.. fwah....


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                LOL I'm another fan of MOS and Mac's Milkshakes! I loved those milkshakes was super super sad when it was discontinued!

                I love the ebi rice burger and also the kakiage seafood rice burger!! Both are The mussels are also fantastic!!!! and I love love love their Ice Milk tea!!! Yum!!


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                  Yep, the rice burgers really rock!
                  I think the burger which really kicked a rep for MOS is their terriyaki chicken burger. Very saucy and topped with lots of lettuce and onion!

                  Milkshakes.. a little too fattening for me!


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                    Mos milkshakes too Too bad not all the outlets have it. AFAIK, only the Taka one has it :huh:

                    I actually prefer the Mos milkshakes more than the Mac ones. Cos the Mac ones are too thick to suck up using the straws, they really ought to give spoons to go with it. I have to suck until my face turns blue in order to get less than a mouthful
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                      i mos burger to death! their milk teas are to die for, i also like thier fat chunky french fries

                      have not tried their milkshakes though


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                        I feel like such a frog in a well!

                        Been to MOS many times but never tried milk shakes, milk tea, ebi burgers.....all the items you gals rave about. I need to "re-discover" MOS Burger.


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                          I love their iced milk tea too! Actually more so than their milk shakes which i tried only once or twice. Oh and i have this quirky style of drinking it, which is to add on the milk only after i have drunk half of the tea on its own but yeah that's just me

                          Other than that, i love their original Mos burger, especially on days when i'm craving for anything bolognaise coz the sauce used for the burger serves as a yummy yet inexpensive substitute. The teriyaki chicken burger is next on my list of favs too! I know i'm boring but i do love these two muchies


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                            Love their vanilla milkshakes , frozen strawberries and unagi rice burgers!


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                              i MOS burger!!!!! it's part of my diet! i can't live without it! addiction started during my poly days - 5 years ago! until now...i think all my friends are so scared of meeting me, because whenever we have lunch/dinner, my choice will definitely be MOS burger. they don't even have to ask. heee...

                              i MUST visit MOS at least once every week. If not, i'll feel so *empty*. definitely order my spicy mos cheeseburger, and ice milk tea/ice lemon tea (must be LARGE), fatty fries, corn soup, butterfly prawns, with lots of mayo and tomato!!!

                              my SO loves the ebi rice burger too!

                              i feel that different outlets have different standards. according to my tastebuds (opinions may differ), the one at tampines mall and compasspoint don't taste as nice as those in town. not sure is this a psychological effect? but i doubt so. heee..

                              my favourite outlets are takashimaya, isetan scotts, ang mo kio, bugis, ps....etc. think all except tampines, compasspoint, and those outlets which i haven't visited yet.

                              MOS rules!!!