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  • Unwell baby

    My baby who is on TBF passed some greenish poo this morning when I changed her diaper. Over the weekend she was also alot more fussy and unhappy- eg cries easily, didnt latch properly during BF, want to be carried all the time even when she was sleeping, displayed alot of frustration, etc. Any one has any idea what greenish poo might mean? I think I heard somewhere before that greenish poo can mean too much foremilk, is this true? I hope she is not ill or anything.

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    Hi mango, so long as your baby is doing well, it really doesn't matter if the stools change in appearance from one day to the next. Unless, the stool is very watery accompanied by a sudden change in color, frequency & smell then u should consult your doctor immediately.


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      Hello dearie,

      Greenish stool is fine.. u are bfg. As for watery ones also ok.. but how green is yours? My baby onced had a green stool so dark it's almost black. But pd says it's ok..

      As for the crying, have u thought of colic? Perhaps your baby has colic that's y she fusses? Colic baby is not easy to be cared of. Her frustration may be due to the wind in the tummy. Is her tummy hard? Do u apply Ru Yi oil daily after bath?

      Take care and hope your baby gets well soon. If u need further answers on colic, don't hesitate to ask. . Poor baby and u!


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        The only reason I could think of for her being fussy, and the frusrations, and the crying is colic. Observe for afew more days, and if you can't find any cause for her unwell being, then it's best bring her in to the doctor.


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          Hi Mango, hope your baby is feeling better.

          Recently, like what cherie says, I also started applying Ru Yi Oil on baby after bath and when changing her into her nighties (just to make her feel better and sleep better).

          Also even though we are breast feeding, it helps to burp baby every now and then cos when she sometimes cry, she takes in air as well.

          Our Paediatrician gave us Infacol. Its for wind. Our baby is fine but he thinks its good for us to have it so that at night if she cries non stop, we can give it to baby. I have given to baby once when her cry was different, I'm glad after taking it, she felt better almost immediately and slept.

          Last evening, my sis also gave me a bottle of gripe water. She said its another precaution thingy. Baby can take a bit everyday or when you suspect she has wind.

          Our Paediatrician encourages us to make phone calls to him when we are unsure, maybe you can call yours too.

          Hope all these are helpful.



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            Thanks everyone for the replies. I've called up my paed and made an appt for later just to make sure everything's okay. BTW, from what I know and what my paed says, babies on TBF (provided they are not fed water or any FM or anything else) are supposed to have yellowish poo, not green or any other colour. Greenish colour plus crankiness could mean baby caught a bug or something.

            Anyway its not just wind or colic, she also has oral thursh and BF problems due to too much milk (more than what she can handle, so she always chokes when BF). Its a long story, but a visit to the paed today will definitely make me feel more assured. Will update more when I have the time (and energy).


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              Originally posted by naughtygirl

              Recently, like what cherie says, I also started applying Ru Yi Oil on baby after bath and when changing her into her nighties (just to make her feel better and sleep better).
              Coincidentally, I started applying this on my baby's tummy on sat and sun during the few times when she was crying and swallowed some air- I think its really quite useful cause she seem to feel better after a tummy rub with this.


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                Hehe, usually when i apply Ru Yi oil on baby's stomach, he will fart immediately! :booty:

                Hope your pd can help u there on the greenish stool. I, too was worried when bb had it coz it's not that healthy and brought bb to him to ease my worry. But since he says fine, then ok. Till now, bb still has it once a while.. sometimes, a mixture of yelllow and green too at a go! Hehe..

                For me, whenever i feel worried or very uneasy on baby's issue, i will call PD to check it out or bring them down to TMC to see doc. I'm the kind cannot tahan that 'worrying' feeling..

                Do update us on baby Faye..


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                  Thanks Cherie and everyone for your concern.

                  Turns out my baby has a upper respiratory tract infection (nose, ear, throat infection) in addition to her recovering oral thrush. I have been given nose drops for her to help reduce the swelling inside (so she can breathe better) her nostrils and will be monitoring her condition for now. Really hope she gets better real soon.


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                    poor baby, hope she gets well soon, chris!


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                      Poor baby! & to her...

                      Thank goodness you're nursing!

                      She'll be well in no time. Did she catch a bug outside? Try to stay in more these few days.


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                        Oh dear, poor Faye! Hope she gets well soon! :wish:


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                          May your baby gets well soon.

                          Try to keep her sleep area dust free, it may help.

                          Be strong, she needs you to take care of her.

                          We are here to give you a listening ear.

                          I know your dear hubby will be there for you two.

                          Don't try to do everything yourself, if anyone trust worthy offer to help, take it. You need all the support (physically & mentally).


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                            Thanks ladies, will keep my own spirits up so that my baby will not be blue. Thank goodness we went down paed today, any delay would have worsen her condition.

                            Mag, I'm not sure where she picked up the bug from, but we'll definitely be at home these few days.

                            Tanya, I think I'm too posessive for my own good I just dont trust anyone else (apart from hubby) to take care of baby for me, not even to change her diaper LOL. I think I'll be more receptive and logical about this after a while. I'm trying to nap whenever she naps, so far still ok.


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                              Chris: AP at its best! So nice to read about how you handle baby all by yourself! Hope you're doing well yourself (body recovered?).