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Chips/Crisps - fave type and brand?

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  • Chips/Crisps - fave type and brand?

    I am eating Doritos Spicier Nacho now.

    What type of chips do you prefer, potato or corn?

    - I like corn better for the "gritty" texture and flavours; potato chips are usually too salty. Ruffles Cheese and Sour Cream potato chips is the exception, I would rank it an all-time fave of mine.

    What flavour?

    - I like cheese and spicy flavours. Used to love sour cream potato chips a lot, then tomato-flavoured corn chips, but now its spicy!

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    Cool topic! Makes me want to go get a chippy snack!

    I Kettle chips in salsa and the dijion mustard although Kettle chips can be a little too "heaty" from the other brands?
    The downside is that Kettle chips are a lil too expensive for chips.

    The other faves would be Ruffles or Lays in BBQ


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      1. Pringles Sour Cream
      2. Lays BBQ
      3. Ruffles Sour cream and onion
      4. Marks & Spenser Vineger ones
      5.those taiwan fruit/vege chips selling at the basement of Tangs for $7 a bottle
      6. Twisties
      7.Calbee Soya Crisps


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        i like:
        - Lays sour cream n onion
        - Calbee spicy chips, salty enough


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          i'm kinda the opposite.
          i like "subtle" chips.. haha
          i Calbee's seaweed one. i can eat that non-stop cos the saltiness is just right!


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            I lean towards the more strongly-flavoured chips. Sometimes I get a craving for salt and vinegar chips and the first taste is so then the saltiness/sourness gets overwhelming after the first few chips.


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              i love kettle chips, the chilli ones and pringles, the sour cream ones


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                i like most sour cream & onion chips, plus marks & spencers

                oh and of course, jack & jills' BBQ chips!


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                  My fave is Red Rock Deli chips, best chips ever! Love the Honey Soy and also Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli flavour. I also love Calbee Ethicans Hot & Spicy chips.


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                    i dig:

                    1) Lays Sour Cream or Original
                    2) Calbee Hot n Spicy
                    3) Calbee Sour Cream


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                      ruffles and calbee for me anytime!


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                        1) Pringles Sour Cream & Onion
                        2) Jack n Jill Spicy

                        I find the rest too salty.

                        Another ultimate favorite is Sunchips French Onion. Not sure if it is available in Singapore. It's wonderful with salsa dip.


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                          i red rock deli's chilli flavoured chips!! and also kettle chips!


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                            jack and jills

                            first choice (cold storage in house brand)

                            marks and spencer

                            i eat almost every flavour! hehe...


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                              I love mark and spencer chips too!They're the best manz...