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100% breastfeeding VS breastfeeding with formula supplement

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  • 100% breastfeeding VS breastfeeding with formula supplement

    Hi, I'm interested to hear your views regarding the above, hope to have a better understanding of the differences (if any). Thank you!

    edit: just to make it clearer, what I meant is 100% breastfeeding versus occassional breastfeeding due to supplementing baby's feed with formula milk.
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    My own sister has a hard time BFg 100% during baby's first week. Her baby cries non-stop and she is very stress out. We advised her to supplement with Formula Feed and now nephew is 2 and 1/2 month old. He is growing very well. He is not fussy and I would say sister try 80-90% Bfg as much as she can and only when baby looks like he is so hungry or she needed him to sleep/rest longer day/night, she supplement with a bottle or two Formula feed.

    I have another girlfriend who does the same thing as well.

    My sister was afraid will her baby get used to formula feed instead of her BM - but it didnt happen - nephew is a happy and a good weight of 5.6kg now..


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      I have to add that my sister supplemented BFg with formula cos she did not have alot of supply in the begining. (Now, she is having more BM as she BF more). Baby was too hungry in his first week then..

      And her baby sleeps better and longer in the night when formula feed just before bedtime..


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        I think 100% BF is supposedly uncomparably more superior, cause the more BM the baby takes in, the more goodness baby gets. Are you contemplating supplementing with FM?


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          Thank you acidica for the assuring info.

          I am thinking I may want to breastfeed baby 90% and give her some formula at night and during outing.

          Our baby feeding on demand now and her feeding schedule is really tight now. I am hoping she establishes a good schedule soon and am pretty tempted to give her some formula when she gets a little older. But right now, still breast feeding her 100%.


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            Hello naughtygirl,

            Of course it would be good if u can 100% bfg baby!

            But for me, both my kids, i will supplement 10% so, i'm 90% bfg most of the times..

            I usually give fm when i go out and can't find any nursing room. If there's a nursing room, i will nurse. Also, i will give fm at night, before baby sleeps. Baby can sleep better and longer duration (this was tipped by Mdm Wong from TMC, she's a LC there).

            Another reason for me to do so is because i was afraid that if i were to bfg 100%, it will be hard to wean baby off eventually when i want to. So, 10% of fm will ensure that baby also takes fm and not only bm.

            Both my kids i managed to hit the target i have set for myself to bfg.. therefore i think adding a little of fm doesn't hurt, for my kids that is. But then again, babies are all different.

            Good luck! How old is your baby now? How long do u plan to bfg baby? If u don't plan to wean off anytime soon, then it would be best if u can give 100% coz bm is still the best

            However, if u are like me, afraid baby being difficult to wean off, then u can try supplement once a day. Just once a day..



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              Hi cherie, thank you for sharing and you know your post is very "sweet" (ya very caring & nice).

              I do think what you are doing for your children sounds good & reasonable. My sis did the same thing of giving formula to her son when she is out but otherwise breastmilk all the time. I feel a little formula should not hurt and cannot be all that bad (plus even a lactation expert recommended it).

              My baby feed far too often at night so I thought I should offer her at least one feed on formula. I plan to breast feed for at least 6 months so its still a long time. I think I'll give her a few month weeks to establish her schedule otherwise will probably give her some formula.

              Thank you so much!


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                hi naughtygirl, whether to supplement with fm or not is really your decision and there's no right or wrong to this.

                just to share...

                i was totally obsessed with the notion of my baby being totally bf. so even when she couldn't latch, i refused to use fm. i think in the entire 9 months of her expressed bm, i only gave her fm once when she was a week old. that was to create a space for me to express milk. once i got that going, she took bm all the way.

                thinking back, i was too crazy about it. i should've focused more on enjoying my baby rather than worry about bm.

                you do what you feel is best!


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                  Hi everyone,

                  Just fresh from my antenatal courses. The instructor (a midwife from Australia for 20 years) told us that BM helps with the immune system for the baby.

                  Hv girlfren who gave full BM to her baby until 6 months old n just started her baby off with 'solid' food. She still breastfeed once or twice a day and will decrease it to once a day (night time) soon. She said that after 6 months it's not totally to satisfy the hunger but to comfort of the baby.

                  FYI, this girlfren is not working, so it's probably easier for her to be there at all times including the nites.

                  Recently, WHO recommended BF for 2 years!!!!!

                  Agree with Moo, there's no rite or wrong decision. My mum had 5 kids, all 30% BF and 70% FM. We r all healthy adults now!!!


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                    Timely topic, I'm also planning to mix with 10-20% FM later on before I sytart to wean her off to TFM. One thing I cant figure out- how to choose a suitable FM? I know they are all around the same, but there must be some differences, even just a little.

                    Tanya, how often is your baby feeding at night? How about in the day?


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                      A few links from my parenting list that might convince you to bf longer. Coincidentally this topic came up there too :

             - "Just one bottle won't hurt - or will it?"

             - list of articles/research studies + facts and figures on ffed infants.

             - The case for the Virgin gut

                      As I've mentioned before, if you can, try to tbf The benefits are aplenty and you'll reap the rewards in boundless, intangible ways.

                      I was ff too and whilst most of us who were grew up ok, no extensive research has been done to prove that fm hasn't damaged us in any way (bear in mind that fm was introduced in the 70s, a relatively short time for any proven research).

                      Just some info, don't the messenger! Am really happy to see so many new born bf babies...


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                        Mags, I read some of the articles of the links you posted. It does sound pretty scary and I'm even more p***ed at the paed who told me to supplement with formula when my baby was treated for jaundice in the hospital during her 1st week! Infact, the 2nd paed that I went to said it wasn't necessary to supplement. :piss:

                        Anyway, I've tbf her since then, but am wondering if my milk supply will be sufficient for her as she gets older. Each time I try to pump my milk, I get only average of about 2 oz and max of 3 oz if I'm engorged. This doesn't seem like a lot . I mainly feed her from the breast so I'm hoping it's just my pumping techniques that are not good enough.


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                          Originally posted by naughtygirl
                          Hi cherie, thank you for sharing and you know your post is very "sweet" (ya very caring & nice).

                          Thank you so much!
                          You are most welcome, naughtygirl!


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                            Originally posted by Moo
                            thinking back, i was too crazy about it. i should've focused more on enjoying my baby rather than worry about bm.
                            Just saw this post. Yah. I should stop worrying so much. 1st I worried she would reject the bottle I couldn't sleep the whole night I had asked them to try bottle formula. Then I worried she would reject the breast when she accepted the bottle formula.

                            End of the day, as long as she's well enough, I should just enjoy her more. Funny thing is, I had brainwashed hubby a little too well on breastfeeding, plus he was with me throughout my daytime breastfeeding from day 1 (listening, watching and helping me when the LC and nurses guided me). So now he's rather miffed about the formula milk and I think he hopes I will wean baby off bottle formula, back to direct breast.

                            Personally, I'm still very open to breastfeeding with formula supplements though I realise I do feel some "jealousy" against formula...


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                              Originally posted by mogmick
                              I'm even more p***ed at the paed who told me to supplement with formula when my baby was treated for jaundice in the hospital during her 1st week!
                              My hubby feels somewhat the way you do (although ours wasn't paed advice... he only adviced as much UV light treatment). I was crying in the night and called hubby, so hubby went online and found all kinds of more alternative treatments (which unfortunately I do not quite embrace but I'd list here anyway... use your own judgement of course).

                              Like, ignoring the jaundice in the belief it will subside on its own without any treatment whatsoever (that UV light is DANGEROUS)! Or continue bf and ignore the fact it eats into the time for UV light treatment. Or STOP all feeding (ie. starve baby) in the belief it will all pass out somehow (the opposite of the "more output more birulin passed out" standard guideline).

                              I wasn't thrilled... I personally decided to have formula supplements to make baby fuller so she would feed less often. Yet have enough or even more output (the nurses said she had "good" output under tbf, but with formula supplements I felt she would have even more output, at least in these early days when bm nowhere as much as ready-available fm) to pass the toxins out. Plus have more time suntanning under the UV.

                              Then again I was quite anxious (my baby was already looking yellow on 2nd day and developed what they said was EARLY jaundice... and she was the ONLY baby who had to use that highest level UV bed- the rest were on milder UVs). Hubby's view was that it's common enough, and even if it worsened, there's always blood transfusion (which 1 of his cousins had?)!