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  • Cartoons from your childhood

    I was just channel surfing and I chanced upon kids central.
    Guess what they were showing at that moment!?

    The Smurfs!!
    yup those blue little elf-like creatures! they still do bring back childhood memories for me.. and i realised i still enjoy them.. lol
    what were the cartoons you most enjoyed in your childhood??

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    i loved the smurfs too. every sunday, would never fail to stay glued to the telly.

    i probably loved all cartoons when i was young, except for the ninja turtles and transformers. but smurfs would have to win hands down.


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      The carebears!!! the strawberry shortcake!! hahaha...

      mAt yo yo.......hahaha........anyone remember this? although this is not really a cartooon........


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        smurfs and carebears!

        i also watched alot of mickey mouse cartoons, wow them


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          The smurfs!
          Strawberry Shortcake!
          My Little Pony!
          Darkwing Duck!
          And that.... plasticine man (what's his name??)


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            Are you ladies 70's or 80's babies?

            I'm from the late 70's, i absolutely adore Carebears, Smurfs, Snooby do, Alvin and the chipmunds (fave), Donald duck, Xiao Tian Tian, Strawberry shortcake.

            This thread reminds me of my fave ad of all time...
            is the one featuring a boy and a girl sitting under a shady tree sharing ribena. I remember it to be really sweet and heart-warming ad.


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              I carebears, strawberry shortcake and rainbow brite! Smurfs is nice too just that I don't really get the part of smurfette :huh:


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                i'm from the later part of the 80s..

                Caramelgirl u just reminded me about Alvin & the chipmunks!
                yea they were my absolute fave too! and i believe they do occasionally show it on kids central.. haha --yes i do tune in sometimes-- i miss 'em....


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                  Besides the ones named like Carebears, Smurfs etc, I also love Voltrons! Coolest cartoon ever. And of coz Gummi Bears. I also remember other cartoons such as Mask (the cool vehicles that can transform), Thundercats, Silverhawk, He-Man, old skool Transformers etc.

                  Oh oh, another fave is My Little Ponies! Almost forgot about that.


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                    I love love the unicorn cartoon. Is that My little pony?

                    Smurf is my ultimate fave!!


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                      haha wow you girls are good. I clean forgot about My Little Ponies. Yes now i remember all about the unicorn. It was the one with girls who would transform them and their ponies into "magical" ones and fight right?? It was my favourite girlie cartoon back then. "p


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                        All that you ladies have mentioned, especially Transformers! I remembered them taped down for me so that i can watch over and over! Maybe that explains why i'm kinda tomboyish whilst growing up and till now

                        Oh and i absolutely adore Pound Puppies as well coz i was always wanting their plush, not the medium sized one but the big one but i never got it


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                          there were so many cartoon flicks I watched when I was young but now I clean forgot about them.

                          I really like Alvin and the chipmunks, the warner brothers stuff like Roger Rabbit, tweety bird and slyvester. Smurfs was definitely one of my faves too.
                          i used to love teenage mutant ninja turtles tho! I was really a tomboy when i was a toddler!


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                            I luv Gummy Bears and He- Man!


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                              i rem watching cartoons like mickey mouse n friends...disney's cinderella...snow white...little mermaid...bambi etc...and they were all video tapes...

                              had vague memories of my little pony and strawberry shortcake though...