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    Think I should starts planing for my future now. Currently working temporary in a high end boutique. Now I'm thinking of starting out to design my own brand or lines of clothes, since finance is not a problem. But, how and where do i start? So i thought of studying fashion design, as the first step to pursue my dream.

    I've a diploma in Business marketing and now I've very interested in pursuing a fashion design Degree. Do you all think i am eligible for it? Because I do not have any experience in fashion design and will the school accept my diploma of business marketing? Or do i have to start all over again, geting another diploma, Fashion Design? Very tiring to get another diploma AGAIN. Any advices?

    If no other way, I think I will take a part-time course in Fashion design. Do lasallesia and NAFA provide part time courses in Fashion design, that can take 3 years or less to complete. Or is there aNy other schools that offers Fashion Design course (Either a certificate or a degree, that accepts my diploma of marketing? PLease HelP!

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    hey deary...u can try my school,Raffles Lasalle...The fashion design course is suppose to be one of the best around town
    U can always call the school for more info as well

    hope that helps...


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      Geez ThanKs girl!

      Will be joining the next intake, next year July.

      Do you know the estimated school fee for the short course, Fashion Deisgn?


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        i'm not really sure...hmm,I'll check it out for ya


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          hey, im j1 now and i have the same passion as you do!! i've taken interest in fashion design since 3 yrs ago, and all these while, i've been learning to sketch on my own, learning frm the net, magazines and art schools' prospectus. but my parents are highly objective and my parents will not finance the education of course. the only way i can think of pursuing my dream will be to wait till i save up enough money to study it or set up my own business. in singapore, fashion and arts are considered to have 'no future' rite? ):


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            you can try bras brash complex level 4.. Palin Arts and design... around 2 years... you will complete your fashion design... i'm currently taking fashion design course.. Finishing soon~~!!


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              hey gals, i also have the same interest as all of u design...but guess unable to study that..cos now still in poly, taking chemical process course....but still i love both chemical science and fashion designing
              can't give u all any ideas about fashion design course...but hope u all will continue to reach your dream
              but i guess...nafa's fashion design course are quite good...just my pt of view...


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                Parsons! It's in New York, very prestigious. Watch Project Runway and you'll know