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    Hi everyone....I would like to know more abt 'Morning After Pills' and I thot some of you might be able to help me and tell me more abt them. Like where I can get it, usefulness or what ***** called? It will be much appreciated.

    I'm sorry if this topic is like so errrrrr embarassing.

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    Shehurts, if you need to take the Morning After Pill, you will need to read the following information very carefully. If you have any problems or queries about this, please see your doctor ASAP!

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    Emergency pill (also known as the morning after pill) is a very effective method if used soon after unprotected sex.

    Emergency pills can be taken up to three days after sex, and prevent nine out of ten pregnancies if taken within 24 hours. The later the pills are taken, the lower the success rate.

    Emergency pills come in a packet of two. Both pills should be taken together as a single dose, as soon as possible after unprotected sex.

    How does it work?
    Emergency pills release the hormone progestogen and work in three possible ways:

    they can prevent ovulation (an egg being released),
    delay ovulation until a safe time,
    or prevent implanting (when a fertilised egg settles in the womb).
    Because of the ways that emergency pills work, periods may occur later or earlier than expected. If you are concerned, see your GP. There is no evidence that if pills fail they will harm a developing baby.

    Emergency contraception is very effective if used correctly

    Emergency pills become less effective the later they are taken. They may fail completely if taken over 72 hours after unprotected sex.

    Emergency pills can occasionally cause nausea or sickness, and if vomiting occurs the pills may not work. If this happens, more pills may be prescribed by a doctor a copper IUD may be fitted.

    Neither emergency pills nor IUDs protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

    What is it used for?
    Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy occurring after unprotected sex has taken place, for example when usual contraception has failed or has not been used.

    Emergency pills should not be relied on as a regular method of contraception since they are not as effective as other methods of contraception.


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      I'm pretty sure the morning after pill is prescription only in Singapore so you'll have to go to a GP to get it.


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        Yes, you cannot buy it off the definitely need the doctor's prescription. The doctor will dispense the pill to you personally & discreetly.


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          all birth control pills can only be optained on prescription in singapore

          actually there's a contraceptive patch that's convenient and useful, can't remember the name so if you're forgetful, can consider that patch


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            Thanks so much for all the info. I will go get some tmr. Cheerios!


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              May I ask what you are using it for - as emergency contraception or longterm contraception? Because morning after pills are usually high-dose estrogen or progesterone antagonists, they will have side effects. Doctors will not prescribe these recklessly. You should only use them in emergency situations, not as longterm contraceptives because it will have adverse effects on your health. I do hope that you find a good gynae who can explain it to you. It alarms me greatly when people may be using drugs incorrectly. There's nothing to be embarrassed about - women of childbearing age should have good knowledge about sex, contraception, pregnancy, abortion and other health measures like PAP smears.


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                Emergency contraception. heehee. Dun worry.


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                  just gotta let u gals know that it may not be very reliable. i have a fren who took it within 24 hours but still got pregnant in the end....


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                        Is this allowed? Selling pills online? I would be careful if i were you. May get arrested!


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                          wow... best....


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                            Protect Yourself

                            Getting the pills online may not be the best option. I suggest you go to protect

                            Clinics and pharmacies where you get ella are here:

                            Where to find emergency contraceptive pills in Singapore? | Protect Yourself