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  • VBox - A new service by Singpost

    You need your own space. We all do. And SingPost understands the need for privacy. That's why we are pleased to bring you a new service that will do just that for you.

    After all, the world does not need to know where you are all the time.

    With VBox, your residential address can NOW be a unique private number. Wherever you are, your mail will be delivered to you.

    So, you don't have to tell the whole world where you live - only the people that matters to you. And no matter where you move, your number conveniently remains the same.

    Your private VBox number is linked to your local residential or overseas residential address. It is so convenient; you don't have to keep updating everyone where you move to.

    For a VBox number linked to a local residential address, it works out to just $5 ($5.25 w/GST) a month:

    If you want your VBox number to be linked to an overseas residential address, it only costs an extra $25 ($26.25 w/GST) a month.

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    Hmmm sounds like just having a P.O Box


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      Hmm....I think it's the opposite of a PO box! Seems like you get a number which you give out to people and they write that as the address.

      When the letter/parcel gets to the PO, they would "de-crypt" the code and send it to your address. Sounds very mysterious. Good for people hiding out, moving from place to place, trusting only the PO with their real address.


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        Question : can we send registered mail to VBox?


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          Who is gonna to acknowledge then


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            just a guess but i think you probably still can, just that you have to make an extra trip down to the post office to collect your registered mail. like how you collect your registered mail when you're not home and it's delivered?