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Busy Working full time and studying part time?

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  • Busy Working full time and studying part time?

    Hello Ladies!!
    Just wish to know more people who are currently working and studying at the same time.... are you ladies coping well?? Well i had a hard time coping when i've so much commitments and projectsssss are driving me crazy! Let's share our experience and little secrets to destress ya?

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    Lesean, i was like you at your age too. Kekeke...

    There will be sacrifices. Luckily, that time i don't have bf, so it's only work and school for me. And less time for shopping and lack of sleep. Cos wkends are busy with proj meetings and assignments.

    Bear with it for the time being, it will be all worth it once you graduated. Imagine your parents will be so proud of you seeing you in your graduation gown and mortarboard on your convocation. With this thought in mind, you will feel the sudden passion to push yourself even more to excel further.

    The good will only come to those who persevere. Now you have taken the first step to upgrade yourself, i'm proud of you. Next is all up to you to complete the steps up to graduation! Don't give up halfway girl. It will be all behind you in a matter of time!

    Never give up! Tighten your fists and fight the war and win it a good one!!


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      lele, studying part time and working full time is never easy and takes a lot of discipline.

      But no worries, it will take you a while to adjust how to plan for your time. Of course there are going to be some sacrificies like e.g you got to spend sometimes weekends to rush your assignment and also the fear that you got to take leave to clear your projects at school work.

      For me I used to face problems like I got to OT and yet I got class at nite so its like a mad rush and sometimes I had to missed my class due to work issues.

      It definetly helps if you have an understanding boss and also colleagues.


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        I'm studying part-time and working full time now. School had just started, so I don't speak of stress now. I pursue the degree because I love studying.


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          Im studying part time and working full time as well Time flies when you are studying and working so much so when im having my holidays i felt ill at ease because i will be too free

          I think stress is part and parcel of our daily life be it in anything that you do. I supposed im coping well since i have been studying part time for the last 2.5 yrs and will be graduating soon.

          It really helps alot if the environment that you are working in is supportive of you doing a part time degree. That aside i think good time management is essential too. Like not procastinating when there is an assignment that needs to be done. Just get it over and done with because i realise most assignments have due dates around the same time

          Studying and working is really not a joke but i guess i just treat it like an experience! Im so glad my journey is ending soon.

          All the best to you ladies out there who is going through this. It will be over very very soon.


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            i m working full time n studying part time as well! during school term, i'll only have time for my bf n no time for my frens.

            so i try to catch up as much during my break.

            n massages/facials are my way of relaxing.

            n also playing with my newly gotten robo hammies.

            o, n not forgetting to try to exercise....seems to be doing it less these days now that time is so tight. but i feel that it really relaxes one...


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              Hi there. I am also a girl working full time and studying part time.

              I am taking master in uni. It's so tiring that I sometimes have second thoughts about continuing it. But I guess you ladies said it all, it will be worth it at the very end. It only takes a few years of my life but the experience and knowledge is going to be with me for a lifelong time.

              Let us all bang together and enjoy this journey. If we can go through this, we can go through anything anytime!


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                I just completed my part time studies and it is really tough to juggle work and studies the last few years... I am glad that everything is over for now...

                Have to be disciplined to reap the rewards! For those girls who are juggling work and studies, keep it up... persevere and be proud of yourselves!


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                  Thanks ladies for sharing and your words of encouragement. Think i screwed up my exam last week.
                  I was SOO tired that i slept through my one day leave and didnt really study. During the exams, there were like 3 or 4 students who gave up and left cos the paper is too tough. I think i'm like bullshitting throughout the paper??
                  Everyone's shacking their head after the paper saying they've written crap and everyone's hands are tired.
                  Gosh think i've failed... or is it the usual thing for everyone's first exam paper? or am i not fit to be a mass communication student?
                  I have thoughts about choosing between studies and work cos i dont think i can handle both at the same time. For me the more reasonable option is work no matter how much i treasure the chance to study. Boy am i demoralised right now... haha maybe i had a nightmare last night about failing :roll:


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                    hey lele, which school are you studying with? i've recently completed my adv dip. boy, i must say im so so tired after it. but do hang in there! do you have friends in class? it does help alot to have some friends, can study together and help each other take notes. im with MDIS, let me know if you need help.

                    i feel the same as you after every paper, thinking i will flunk, but i didn't. yea, every paper is a stressful one, imagine writing non-stop for 3 hours. do well in your assignment (if there is), it helps to bring up the marks.


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                      I'm studying at SIM... i have a friend with me but she's working only 4 hours a day and can afford not to work cos she's from an affluent family. She doesnt have much of a problem juggling both. hmm... we came from a non mass communication background (we came from public relations and advertising) so some of the students look down on us and some others who are also from similar background as us... shieks... from what we conclude guess it happens cos this batch of students are quite young... around my age so they could be pretty childish or mass comm people can be quite proud and think they are more superior than PR students


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                        hhmm..... which subject do you feel you cannot cope with? journalism? i reckon you have an edge over them too isn't it?


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                          well currently we are doing communication management and just happened that our project is more mass comm based. we (PR student) are of minority so during projects, we are seriously banned from suggestions. it made us feel that whatever we saying are crap and they just cut us up. :piss: They made us do a big share of the projects and after that told us it crappy... made admendments which we read and reckon they didnt admend anything much (close to NIL).. and said they've cleared trash. a guy from their group felt it unfair and step up for us and ended up quarelling.
                          The worst thing done to us is to make us sit at another table thats behind them when we are suppose to do a group project??? and told us we can leave cos they have nothing for us to do?? we spend nights and skipped some important lectures rushing the damn deadline they gave us when they slept soundly and just did MINOR editing??
                          Lecturers had warn us before hand she does not look into such matter so it sucks big time... :roll: Guess we cant make a scene cos its just me and my friend in the group cos the rest of the PR students either withdraw, defer or have already formed the maximium group size so they couldnt help no matter how much they've wished to...
                          So with all these adding up.. it is clearly a big mistake. haha...
                          Last edited by lele; 16-11-2004, 09:33 AM.


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                            do you guys pick your own group mates or what? sometimes the wrong choice of group mates can be disastrous. take it as a lesson learn. be very open and communicative with your group mates when comes to assigning job roles. i shared how you feel, it happened to me too, but most of my classmates are working adults, so the sense of responsibility is there.

                            whats your view on the degree program so far?


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                              is is compulsory to have a certain no. of memeber in a group? if not, i suggest in future, do your own assignment, or with the other gal friend of yours. smaller group is easier to managed, really. too many member, too many opinions, sometimes you get exploit.