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    Anyone here has nasty expriences with bed bugs?

    I had some weird spots/rashes on my body nowadays and after seeing a doctor, he claims that he ain't sure if they were bites or rashes.

    Even after a few days of oral medications, they still pop out like an extra 2 or 3 each day.

    I am beginning to suspect maybe it's might be bed bugs.
    By the way, if there are bed bugs, what would be an effective method to get rid of them?

    I'm planning to do a major spring cleaning on my bed and surrounding area ... well at least to get the peace of mind.

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    the best thing is to air ur mattress under the sun and hit it hard?

    technically we should turn our mattress every 6 months...
    for me i usually turn it everytime i change the bedsheets which is about every 2 weeks


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      I use my steam iron to iron my mattress just like the way we iron our clothes. It may sound ridiculous but it help to sanitize the mattress.


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        I dont think its a good idea to iron your mattress...

        shorten the mattress lifespan


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          If the bites are from bedbugs, you will notice that they are usually in a row i.e. in a straight line. I got bitten by bedbugs before in a hotel in HK.

          If you suspect your bed has bedbugs, air your mattress under the sun. Wash all your bedsheets, pillow cases, etc in hot water and clorox (or some disinfectant). It is best to disinfect your room cos the bedbugs can travel and hide somewhere else, e.g. the floor, all surfaces of dresser, closets, etc. Another extreme method will be to wash all your clothes in hot water and disinfectant too.

          You can read up more over here.


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            A friend of mine who owns a cleaning service co. taught me so.Anyway, how do u gals sun your mattress if it's a queen or king size mattress?


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              I think my rashes/spots on skin are not caused by bed bugs as my bites are random and all over my body (not in a straight line)..and after inspecting my mattress and bed carefully, i cannot find any insects of any sort. Weird.. maybe it's my super-sensitive skin acting up.

              By the way, i think it's not a good idea to iron your mattress too. Wouldn't you damage the metal spring inside over time ?

              The best way is probably to air it for a few hours under the hot sun... which i have been waiting for in vain these past few rainy days.


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                I think you should check the side of your mattress especially the corner cos usually that's where the bed bug will hide. And also if there is bed bug, there will be brown spots on your bedsheets and blanket.

                Last year, my bed got the bugs, so my mum close all the windows and the door in my room and spray pesticides at the side of the bed, the bed stand and any corners in the room which we suspect there is bed bug. And keep the room shut for afew hours. But I did not sleep in my room for about a week or more cos I couldn't stand the pesticide smell.

                I think this method really help cos I do not have any problem with bedbug since then.


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                  My own experience with bed bugs is that they bite you anywhere (rarr) - my own bites were not in a straight line.

                  You've got to find their nest, and weed them out from there.

                  Jessie's idea is a good one!


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                    Pls help to recommend ** a bed bugs or pests control firm! I am getting very fustrated with the bed bugs at home as I often got bitten for these few nights. My mum changes my bedsheet and sofa sheets once a week but there are still those irritating bed bugs in my house.


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                      Bed bugs everywhere!

                      I'm suffering from it too. There's bites everywhere on me...the hands, legs and body. My fren saw my hand & thought i have caught chicken pox. And it been raining almost everyday, its impossible to take my mattress out for 'suntanning'



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                        ohh those bed bugs are nasty and hard to kill. sis had a incident with those pests was well.
                        they do stink. and if u kill them u will notice the amount of blood they contain and thats confirmed a bed bug.
                        they are small and tend to stain ur sheets as well
                        just spray insecticides at them and hope and pray they dont come back.


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                          I think I might have bed bugs because over the past two nights, I've got 15 bites on my face, arms and legs. My dad thinks though that bed bugs don't travel, so the bites should be concentrated on one area. True?

                          Oh yes, and does insect repellant work in keeping them from biting me?


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                            enchante, i think it is best to get to the root of the problem by employing a few suggestions from the thread? I think it might be a better way to solve the bed bug problem and evade them from your bed!

                            As what the thread has said, bed bugs can really bite anywhere on your body so maybe your dad is not right. But maybe do a thorough check with your mattress to confirm


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                              I heard my friend saying that bed bugs are irritating... They will irritate u by biting u like ants.. but U can keep on scratching and scratching.. They will bite on hands legs and even ur cheeks right? That's what I saw from my friend's face. I think there is a thing that can spray to kill bed bugs. are there?