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    I've a nasty experience with bed bug before . My bites are mainly concentrated over my hand and legs area.Its really really itchy.

    They are very hard to kill, have tried hot water and "sunning", but the bigger ones are still alive. In the end, my family called a pest control company for help as the situation is really bad. Its just so hard to get rid of them. I've read somewhere that bed bug can live up to a year without food. So they might just be hidding somewhere till they can sense warmth = human = food.

    They usually hide at the side of the mattress or pillows or sofa (near the fold or places with groove). When they just had their fill (feed on blood), they look brownish black, if not, they look transparent. They leave a blackish/brownish stains behind on the materials they inhibit.

    Haa.... after the bad experience, I became panaroid of bed bugs . Everytime i feel itchy, will inspect my bed sheet or any other places i could think off that the bed bug might reside in. Im just so scare of them now.


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      my room used to have bedbugs too.. it was damn traumatising.. like so gross ***.. and since then i've learnt how to spot the presence of bedbugs

      if u want.. u can try using light colour bedsheets.. and u will start noticing black spots.. it's actually their ahem.. waste.. read: s-h-i-t... and u will see some of their outer skin that they shedded.... super gross la...and my mum used the insectiscide method too.. and it really works..

      i actually saw some bedbug powder at hardward stores.. but it's really expensive.. like $40 for a small pack... they also have a spray.. but it's sounds dangerous... like u're suppoed to spray on the pillow BUT not supposed to come into contact with it? like huh?! yeah..


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        I have had a real bad experience here in Singapore when it comes to bed bugs. I was living in a private apartment and every sunday I used to clean my bed with insecticide spray and vacuum cleaner but to no use, I could spot them once again only a after a few hours. The matress itslelf was quite new. I was so disturbed that I planned to move into a new apartment partly because of the bed bugs, and imagine what happened, the new apartment also had bed bugs ! I spotted them on the very night I moved in. I have a busy schedule and I can't devote substantial time to this bug killing activity. Never in my life I came across bed-bugs, but here in Singapore it seems every second home has bed bugs, even though Singapore is declared to be one of the cleanest cities of the world !

        Can anybody tell me how much does it cost to have the pest control take care of the things ?


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          maybe you can try this.. sun all your pillow, matteress and belongings .. my mum does that ...


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            If i'm not wrong, bed bugs cannot be kill easily. If the mattress is the culprit, change it. Old bed have this problem too, if no choice got too change it.

            I'm not too sure abt house to house pest control. But for my company pays $200 every mth for pest control done twice a month. ( Mosquitoes, rodens , cockroaches , bugs).


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              Thanks for the advices. They are surely recommended for getting rid of the ferocious bed bugs.
              However, I went through some articles on the Internet and practised some of the tips they had provided. I think the bed bugs are now under control and I would like to share how I went about it:

              1. You not only have to spray your matress with an insecticide, u also have to clean it. Its because some of the eggs can remain on the matress even after you spray. So clean them either with a vaccum cleaner or a simple hand brush.
              2. Use a spray which is long lasting. Normally most of the sprays have a prolonged effect.
              3. Use a flash light .. as it would surely help you hunt them down.
              4. One important thing is to realize that even if you kill the bugs on the bed, they would soon make their way to the bed from the surroundings. You have to prevent this at all costs and in my opinion this is the most crucial method of controlling their spread. Once you block their way, they will no more be able to feed on you while u are asleep, and eventually they will die or just leave out of frustration What I did for this purpose was that I bought a double-sided adhesive tape and wrapped it around on all the legs of my bed which were in contact with the ground. In fact, you have to make sure that you seal ALL THE PATHS which may lead to ur matress. In case ur bed is in contact with the wall or some other furnitute, you will have to move it away from it. Just make sure that floor is the only thing which your bed is in contact with, and the wrap the double-sided adhesvie tape around the legs of the bed. If you cannot completely isolate ur bed then seal those areas as well where ur bed is making contact with something. You can use multiple techniques for this purpose. The other alternative is to use petroleum jelly or may be u can put the legs of ur bed in water containers, coz bed bugs cannot swim. The bottomline is that you have to restrict their mobility to and fro you bed (matress). This is the MOST IMPORTANT step, otherwise you won't ever be able to get rid of them.
              5. Of course if your matress is old and has holes then it would be nice to consider replacing them.
              6. While hunting for bed bugs, not only check ur matress, watch out for their presence in the bed frame too.
              7. Putting the matresses and stuff in sun might be a good idea but it is quite un-feasible in Singapore coz of rains and also for ppl living in apts where its not easy to put stuff outside.


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                Actually how do bed bugs come about? Does it mean that the 'upkeeping' of the bed is not that good that's why they can survive?

                I've never had problems and hope i never will..they sound scary...


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                  Originally posted by Pauline
                  Actually how do bed bugs come about? Does it mean that the 'upkeeping' of the bed is not that good that's why they can survive?

                  I've never had problems and hope i never will..they sound scary...
                  Actually they may come clinging along your luggage, cloting etc. What I have heard from ppl that when ppl here go for their NS, they often bring bed bugs home and once these bugs get a chance to settle, it would be real hard to drive them away ... they are very different from cockroaches or ants or mosquitoes. So for example if you go to stay at some place which is already occupied by bed bugs .. there is a chance that u may bring some of them back to ur home with ur luggage, cloting etc. And if u give them a chance to settle (i.e. take no immediate action) then they would mulitply at a very fast rate and after that it would be very hard to get rid of them ... they will always be playing hard on ur nerves

                  And fyi ... blood (be it human or otherwise) is the only thing they feed on !


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                    Oh yes, happens to me once. Itchy hands and legs after the bites, and can't sleep proper since bugs are having "their meal" on me. In the end, throw all sheets,cover,blanket. Mattress, and bed frame to do a nightly "hunting" everyday till one fine day all gone. Took close to 2 weekly of dilegence "hunting". Quite difficult to catch since bugs are so small and like to hide in crease and groves. Have to also get rid of the eggs, any white/black spots to remove. Sunning in my case does not help at all.


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                      yes!!! I encountered before ah....... and it was on a month's old mattress *heartache*

                      it all started with a sales demonstration in our home - a vaccum cleaner which claimed can extract out the bugs on beds, sofas, etc *sigh*

                      they had even challenged that a month's old mattress will have the evidence of bugs against a 10+yr old (my parents) mattress.

                      a few days later, I then realised I had red marks all over me especially on my thighs. initially, I had thought it was merely mosquito bites but the marks do not seem to subside in size and they got more and more itchy every other day........

                      I had then thought it could be my bedsheet which was dirty hence I decided to change it. to my surprise! I saw "black bugs" along the edges of my mattress!!!

                      I was so shocked and speechless and helpless! I didnt know what I should do! my brother had then told me to air the mattress, spray the insecticide on the mattress.

                      apparently, the weeks of airing and spraying did show improvements and no signs of the bugs though and I had though everything was fine (finally!)

                      but to my dismay it was not! they crawled out the very next day I slept on it!!! oh gosh!!! the sight was definitely horrible and disgusting!

                      after much consideration and discussion, I decided to discard the one month old mattress!!!!

                      this taught me a good lesson - never demo on mattresses. eversince this encounter, any salesmen knocking at our doors for any sort of demo, we will reject them on the face!


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                        Just chanced upon this thread.. I am quite surprised that bed bugs are so common her.. I've never experienced them, thank god!

                        And mansoor, it would be quite unfair and an overgeneralisation to say that every second home in Singapore is infested with bed bugs! I've never seen bed bugs of heard abt them from friends, my parents' place my sis's place, my place and my grandparents' place!

                        And we do pride ourselves being one of the cleanest cities in the world...


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                          i don't know whether mine is considered as "bed bugs"or what but when i went to see a skin specialist, he said it is. but the thing was that i checked my bed and mattress and there was nothing..and i spent most of my time in bed or sitting at the comp chair..thats when i realise tt its the comp chair thats giving me problems and not the bed..though i didnt see any bugs on the chair..i didn't have any red marks/bites anymore after we thrown out the chair.


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                            To see if its bed bug bites, check the swollen part to see if there is 2 tiny teeth holes... if there is, you have been biten by bed bugs

                            Every mattress have bed bugs, its just that whether are you receptive to the bites...

                            My husband, me and baby sleep on same bed... however only baby and myself are sensitive to the bugs.

                            For us, we have bought an osim mermaid to vacuum it the moment my skin react to them.


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                              i detest bed bugs.. had a terrible and itchy experience. haha.. it itch badly that i could not sleep at night. i was so paranoid to sleep on my bed. i didn't sun my mattress cause it was heavy and no where to sun. instead i spray odourless insecticide. slavage the problem.


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                                where do u all sun the mattress?? was thinking a queen size mattress is rather big..