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    Can someone suggest a good travel agent? I am thinking of going to Thailand on a package but not sure which agent to use. Thanks~

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    errr....just call up any of the agents in the classifieds?

    i usually just go with whichever can give me the best priced package.


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      Oh i c..because i know of some people who don't like certain tour agents coz of their sucky services/higher prices and stick faithfully to one particular agent. There's so many agents out there so am just trying my luck by asking Thanks anyway.


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        For Thailand I always get Focal or newly travel
        Their prices are usually very reasonable, esp if you choose SAS or Finair. It works out to cheaper than DIY with budget airlines.


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          chan brothers, five star, tradewinds...
          i travel a lot with ken air too... pity they closed down...
          people's park has got a lot of travel agents..
          but er... i dare not go to the small ones..


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            i using go to Facinating Holidays to book my bintan trips..
            then Farmosa Travels for others ( BKK / Bali ) .. my friend used to work there.. but now she has moved on to another agency..

            Comet travels is not bad too.. booked my bkk trip with them b4.