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    Will be going 2 HK soon, don't know whether money changer is widely available in HK, and where could get better rate? Shall I change in Singapore or HK?

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    hmm.....i'd say its better to change in singapore.....

    lucky plaza offers quite good rates....those little shops in B1....but not the one facing the main road!


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      Originally posted by joeist
      lucky plaza offers quite good rates....those little shops in B1....but not the one facing the main road!
      I beg to differ. I like going to the money changer that is just opposite MacDonald's in Lucky Plaza. Yes, the one next to the shop that sells perfumes and cosmetics, along the main road.

      He is honest, sincere and best of all, gives good rates. At least these were what my experiences with him were like. I always go to him when I need to change money.

      If you compare the rates, the rates they give are slightly lower than those money changers inside of Lucky Plaza.

      Parkway Parade is another place to check out.


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        Thx, gals.

        Actually, I knew where 2 get good rates in S'pore, was just wondering what if I run out of money I exchanged in S'pore.

        Is there anyone knows where can get better rate in HK?I meant convert S$ to HK$ with money changers in HK, not withdrawing money by using ATM cards in HK.

        BTW, if anyone just exchanged, can tell me the rate u got?


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          Rates in Singapore would be better but I always run out of money I will go to the Chung King Masion, Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong to exchange money. It's on the ground floor, they are a few money changer there. The stall manned by indian people give better exchange rates.

          I tried local banks too but it's better if you have friends in Hong Kong,they can exchange without surchage.



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            I always change money when I am still in Singapore. My mum will likes to change it at the bank in HK, but they change a surcharge, unless you have a bank account with them.

            1 thing to note is that some places in HK do not accept HK$1000 note. The shop will put up a sign at the cashier and tell you so. That's because they are scare it's fake. So when you change your money, make sure you are not given all in HK$1000 notes. For me, I will go and start using the HK$1000 notes at the supermarket and smaller notes like HK$100 and HK$500.


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              those at boon lay shopping complex and chintown complex gives good rates too.


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                Actually I think the rates in HK not too bad too so I don't change all and bring to HK (scared later rob or lost) I change a few hundred here not enough then change there again lar. Not safe to bring so much cash about.


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                  I would think it might be better to exchange all you need in SG and use credit cards over in HK if necessary?

                  I went there a few years ago and remembered it was pretty tough trying to find a money changer in Central. In the end, i did it at HSBC bank which charges quite a bit off.


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                    Still safer to bring less cash when travelling prehaps bring travel cheques.


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                      change it at the Singapore airport, the rates are better than in HK.


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                        Best money changer in Spore?

                        Hi all,

                        I usually go to the one at Suntec City, think it's called Fountain money changer? Anyone else has any good recommendation for best rates?


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                          Change alley, Peninsula building.


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                            good currency exchange?

                            hey gals... wanted to ask if anyone knows a currency exchange place in town area with pretty decent rates? im heading there so i thought i could exchange some currency there too... thanks all!


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                              i'm not sure about town area but i normally do it at china town . pearl centre.