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  • Getting baby to sleep

    I'm at a loss. There are so many ways. On one hand I dun want to traumatize my baby on the other he needs something consistent and learn how to sleep on his own.

    Mummies, what are your sleep strategies?

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    Not much of a strategy, I feed her as full as she can/will drink and burp her with her lying sideways. The burping patting motion sometimes put her to sleep. I try to change her diapers before feeding so that I dont have to do it after she finishes (unless she soils again, then no choice). But there are times (like last night!) when she had her fill and was patted/burped for more than half an hour and still wouldnt sleep. My hubby normally then sits up craddling and rocking her gently in his arms until they both fall asleep. If anyone has a foolproof strategy, I would like to know too.

    Oh, one more thing- I find that lighting some lavender essential oil at sleeptime helps a little. The relaxing effect works to keep her calm. Calm babies fall asleep faster I suppose.

    Edit to add: Also, I try to put her down in her cot once I can tell she is falling asleep but not fast asleep yet. This is to help get her used to falling asleep on her own.


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      My baby is still young to have established a routine so we are taking each day as it comes.

      Most of the times, she falls right asleep after feeding so I will just quietly burp her, cuddle her for a bit while patting her bottom lightly (she loves that!). Having a rocking chair helps because the rocking motion calms and lulls her to sleep - doesn't always help though!

      Like mango, I always change her diapers before feeding her so that she can go straight to sleep after feeding.

      Sometimes, she fusses and refuses to sleep. I will then hold her as close to my body as possible and walk around the room while singing to her. Sometimes she goes to sleep that way. When I see her limbs go limb and that her breathing is even, I gently put her down on her cot to sleep.

      majacqueline, have you read Dr William Sear's Night-Time Parenting? It's a pretty good book about getting your baby to go to sleep


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        I don't really have any strategy to establish baby's sleeping patterns. In fact, I find that as she matures and understand this world around her, she has been making her own adjustments. I noticed that she is learning and changing every week so I try to work something around her rather than teach her what I think may be better.

        In the day, my baby mostly sleeps in the living room and at night in our bedroom. What I do is have a sleeping routine, like changing her into her nighties & cleaning her up and bringing her into the aircon room. She recognises that and sleeps well at night (only thing is she likes to wake up often for short feeds).

        Fortuately, I am getting used to having my sleeps in bits and pieces so I am not trying to change her current sleeping habit. Some may think its crazy to let baby dictate but I serously think its fine for me (or any mum, provided their well being is not affected)


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          Hi Tanya!

          I like what you wrote! In fact, nursing mothers generally fall into the same sleeping patterns as their babies and often do not markedly feel that they'd been woken up by their little ones. It's so wonderful to read that you 'listen' to your baby and respond to her needs willingly...


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            Hey majacqueline,

            What I used to do for my baby, and still do, save for some minor adjustments to her routine, is to shower her, swaddle her snuggly, feed her, rock & sing to her and when she is dozing off, tuck her into the cot.

            Another thing you might want to try is let your baby distinguish daytime short naps and longer nightime sleep. I used to let my baby sleep in the living room in the day, which I don't bother to keep dark, or keep too quiet. In the night, we keep the room dark and play soothing music. In this way, when she started consolidating her sleep hours, it was during the nights and not the days.

            We also found swaddling to be particularly useful. Babies tend to have this thing called a startle reflex and swaddling helps them feel secure. Ever noticed how well babies sleep in the hospital, that is until we take them home and find that they don't sleep when we want them to. Well, this was what happened to us day 1 when we brought her home, she literally cried the whole night!! Until my hubby suggested swaddling as he noticed that all babies in the nursery were swaddled and they slept well. We tried it and never looked back. My mom thought it cruel to bundle her up so tightly at first, but when she saw on several occasions how we managed to soothe and quieten her down by swaddling her, then cradle her slightly sideways and rocking her, she finally conceded that it does work. Our girl has been a sound sleeper and doesn't give us problems in the nightime since day 2 . HTHs


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              I used to swaddle my baby too and still do, except I let her hands out. If you swaddle too tightly, babies can become uncomfortable.

              Anyway, great article on night-time parenting from



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                Thanks all of you. I'll try some of this out. Ariel, thanks for the website.


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                  I'm taking care of some babies, and most times I find that singing/humming songs really helps. If possible, rock them a bit so that if they keep looking around, kind of gives them the "swaying" feeling, then they will fall asleep faster..


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                    Originally posted by makeupmag
                    I like what you wrote! In fact, nursing mothers generally fall into the same sleeping patterns as their babies and often do not markedly feel that they'd been woken up by their little ones. It's so wonderful to read that you 'listen' to your baby and respond to her needs willingly...
                    Mag, glad you feel the same way too!

                    But, being sleep deprive is a really scary thing, huh?

                    I don't mind baby waking up frequently to feed and go back to sleep. My greatest fear is after a feed, she suddenly decided she doesn't want to sleep. The carrying, rocking etc can be extremely tiring/demanding especially in the middle of the night.


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                      Same here, Tanya! I don't mind waking up to feed her at all but getting her to go back to sleep can be so difficult sometimes. The other night, it took me 2 hours to make her fall asleep!


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                        I really can't get used to sleep deprivation- yesterday evening when we brought baby to dentist (she was born with a "neonatal" tooth, which is uncommon and additional to the usual 2 sets of teeth most people have... but that's digressing), I was cradling her and felt so sleepy, I was afraid I would drop her. Quickly asked hubby to take over.

                        Hubby used to be very insistent on the bfg thing. But after accompanying me consecutively this week (last week doesn't count cos he got uninterrupted sleep at night as he didn't stay over at hospital), today he told me that next week I can supplement with formula to get more sleep. This was after baby screamed pretty much every 30mins last night and needed coaxing... plus hubby even slept the entire dawn-to-noon stretch today (while I couldn't cos bfg).

                        We're both quite at wits' end over her difficulty to settle down at night, it seems as if we see the signs of colic and G.E.R. (from internet info), but not sure. On the other hand, might be teething pain (from her neonatal tooth). Or perhaps it's none of the above reasons. :huh:


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                          i dont have a baby but i use to take care of them. rocking them (those traditional ones), singing or playing soft music like nature themed cds helps put them at ease.


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                            Try settling her into a routine from day one. When my gal was born, I set a routine everyday. Fixed time for bathing and sleeping. Feeding time is also fixed just that sometimes if she screams then its bit more flexible.

                            For babies below 6 months, no choice, even with routine will still have sleep deprivation cos of night feeds. But as the baby gets older, things will get better. Mine was bad too because in between the 3 hour feeds in middle of night, I still have to pump milk out to store else will get engorged and overflow.

                            So very soon she learnt, for eg my case, 11am, 3pm is her nap time, 10pm is her night sleeping time. I will pop a bottle of milk and she'll fell asleep after that. For midnight feeds after 6 months, we'll try and drag the time from last bottle longer and longer slowly till she sleeps though the night. Even if we decide to bring her out, we still keep to the routine, just plan around it, say only goes out after she wakes up from her 3pm nap or bring her back home before 10pm. Its a bit tough to reinforce but its well worth the effort in the months, even years to come. My gal now even at 22 months will automatically be in sleep mode everyday by 3pm and 10pm. No scolding and fuss needed.

                            Also try not to keep the room too quiet when baby sleeps. Because baby will grow so used to the quietness that next time every small noises can wake them up and thus will get all grumpy and fussy. I used to leave the radio on, do my things normally with the clang clangs......
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                              my baby started getting really fussy since about a month ago. it's been really difficult to get her to sleep or stay asleep.

                              i've read up alot of books about it, mostly conflicting advice, and there are so many that say we should let baby cry it out.

                              before she turned 3 mths she was quite a fussy baby, but sleeps quite easily, cuz i think generally newborns sleep alot and nothing can wake them up. but now that she is starting to establish day and nightime sleeping, i really need to get her on schedule.

                              have any of you mummies with babies >3mths old tried the crying it out method? i only tried it for 10mins and i absolutely cannot take it. but it is really getting tougher to rock her to sleep cuz she is 7.5kg!!!

                              she loves to nurse to sleep but she is quite chubby for her age so only as a last resort