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    My baby wants to be carried all the time on most days- when she is awake or even when she is sleeping. On some days, she would really brawl her throat sore everytime I put her down, and I've tried rocking her to deep sleep, then gently put her down; but within couple of min, she would be wide awake and start crying to be carried again. I do love to cradle her as much as possible, but I do need both hands to do things like go toileting, make lunch, sterilise my breast pump or even warm up milk for her.

    To be fair, there are days when she would sleep very well on her own, and even fall asleep herself on a few occasions. I am really puzzled and curious to know what triggered either set of behaviour.

    Does your baby want to be carried like mine? Then what do you do when you need to put her down for a while to do other things?

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    I read somewhere that the way you respond to your baby's distress can affect how your baby behaves & how she grows up.
    A well-loved baby will become more contend, obedient,secure & competent. Some babies cry whenever you put them down in the cots but stop as soon as you pick them up again. this 's a perfectly natural instinct, your baby wants to be close to you. you may want to carry your baby around with you in a sling or shawl while you continue to do your work.This can become quite taxing on you physically.There a few things I used to do when my baby cried : wrapped her tightly in a receiving blanket to give her some warmth & put her back in the cot with some calm music either from the radio or musical mobiles. Sometimes, I will placed her in a bouncing seat that moves gently. there was a stage of time, I had to put her on a stroller. She followed me wherever I went .i.e. bathing, toileting,having my meals...etc. In short,your baby just want to be near you.

    The 1st year can be quite difficult for many fulltime baby caregivers. give the best love you can to your baby. Soon she will grow up. Is a good thing, you're in this forum where there are some other mummies who can share your joy & suffering. lets encourage one another.


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      I truly believe that how a baby's needs are met has a huge effect on her physical, emotional and mental development too, so I'm definitely giving her my best. I realised that she likes to be proped up 45 degrees, so this weekend I'm gonna buy her a nice bouncer to sit in, hopefully this means she can stand to be alone a little longer without crying.

      As for slinging her around, its hard for me cause she is real heavy (paed says her weight gain is on the high side of expectation) and my back/shoulder really hurts big time after slinging her for just less than half an hour. I actually find it easier for me to carry her, just that some chores simply requires both my hands. Well, will see what I can figure out.


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        Chris, we use a baby highchair (for when she's much older) that converts to lie-flat, has wheels and a tray (for diaper changing, or meals when she's MUCH older).
        Can be wheeled around the house.
        The seat can be tilted at various angles (but I leave it lie-flat cos baby very young, in near future I can use a separate head nestling cushion to tilt abit).
        Can be rocked too (to lull/ calm her somewhat, though for full-blown cries she still needs to be carried up).

        Price range $150-250. Actually can use your baby stroller too, with the headrest thing.

        Something that has tiltable options, allows her to doze off, rockable option, wheelable, is ideal I think.


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          Mel, sounds good, where did you get yours from?

          BTW i love your avatar, your baby looks really cute!


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            Thanks, Dept store should have it, price depending on brand, mine is cheapest some forgettable brand $150 thereabouts (from Baby Hyperstore). I have a pic of it in my album (last smiley in my signature -> folder #19 -> page 2 the bed-cum-etc pic). Check to see if it suits you.

            It's height adjustable too, you don't have to get backache if you sit next to it.


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              Hey you've slimmed down already! Really nice pics. In the last pic (one with the chair), where did you get those baby mittens from?


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                Chris, have u tried distracting her with toys? Toys with lights and makes sound/music?

                How's the fm feeding? Was 60ml enough or too much?

                p.s: I also put baby in high chair which can be tilted to 45 degree.. he can stay there for more than 15 mins!

                Hang in there!


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                  Chris, nice mittens all from Davis I bought only very basic Pigeon ones.
                  We caved in to FM last night, was too sleepy- now we're cutting from 10 BFG feeds down to 8 BFG feeds (last session ends at 10:30pm) + 1 FM 80ml feed (hubby does the FM feed at 12mn, that's about the time he finishes his home officework too). Might be using this method for now, cos FM slower to digest, I can get a long 5hr stretch of . Some discomfort with engorgement in sleep though, so just BF and pump when I wake.


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                    Hey mango I have the same problem too. I just carry him around with me. If I get too tired I pass him to someone else to take over for a while. Sometimes when he's in a happy mood I'll either lay him down on a playmat or bouncer and encourage him to play on his own for a few minutes, always coming back at intervals to reassure him that I'm there. I find that after a while he's able to be on his own for longer periods.


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                      Originally posted by mel171103kev
                      Chris, nice mittens all from Davis I bought only very basic Pigeon ones.
                      Hey Chris I *think* I bought those mittens from OG Bugis.


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                        Davis, if you have leftover baby girl clothing that Mila outgrew and want to give them away, pass some to me when we next meet, her clothes are so pretty!

                        Cherie, my baby drinks up to 100ml per feed if she is really hungry, or around 40ml if she is not. Very dependable on her mood. So far she only has one toy- a blue fish with colourful fins called Mr bubbles which she doesnt like very much. I'll be getting her more toys this weekend.


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                          i am a very happy mommy. my baby and i have made another huge progress knowing and communicating with each other. interestingly, i know its becos she is always carried. i just want to say carrying your baby will NOT spoil her, infact it will make a mother's job easier. my baby doesn't cry much and most importantly shows her trust in me. when she does cry, it has become so easy to comfort and calm her.

                          my tip to all is don't always have to carry dear baby in a standing position. try carrying her/him while sitting down. when baby is asleep, i let her lie on a pillow on my lap or use my tights to support her head (with my arms still supporting her head)as i sit cross legged. then i place a book next to me and read, most of the time i keep the tv on too and if i need to walk about,just get up and then sit back any time i want.

                          if she is awake, just cradle her and talk/sing to her. even if you ignore her, she wouldn't mind cos she knows she is in your arms. the bond and trust you build is incredible and you would not have to wonder how to entertain a wakeful baby who cries and get bored easily.


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                            Sometimes, swaddling helps. Swaddle baby, rock her in arms and then at appropriate timing set her down- the cloth swaddle reduces the "changeover" effect. Works... sometimes!


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                              That's what hubby and I do too, happybean