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Steamboats and Mala Huoguo (Hot Pot)

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  • i tried the hotpot from suntec city basement, i kinda like it and the price is pretty reasonable as its ala carte buffet and i like the fact that they do have pig's tongue. i know its gross but i really like it.


    • ohh ohh. is that the one near the starbucks?

      i used to eat there frequently during my poly days. the price as compared to those outside can be a little pricey but it's air conditioned! the food is really good as well. but after the meal, i'll always smell like steamboat.


      • The shop opposite ugis junction serves nice steamboat. The variety is not bad and they have crabs and cray fish.


        • atasprincess: hi! its not the one beside starbucks. its the one at the basement, the water fountain there.
          i like their dessert, especially the fried man tou with condensed milk!


          • i like chongqing steamboat in tanglin shopping centre! anyone been there??


            • carely1307: me me! it's one of my favourite steamboat restaurants. great ambience, great food quality and great service! plus no msg in the soup and everything feels so clean.

              i also like this particular steamboat restaurant at beach road but after reading somewhere that one of the restaurants there(no sure which one though) re-use the soup, i dare not patronize those beach road steamboat restaurants anymore. can someone refute this as a myth only?


              • my my. shouldnt have clicked on this thread. it's making me crave for some hot pot!

                do you ladies have any good ones to recommand? thinking of going down for some during the weekends already.


                • the one i am referring at suntec is:

                  The Chinese Feasts - ChongQing Hot [email protected]



                  • ohhh. the place looks really fancy.

                    how are the prices like? wouldnt mind to go try it if it's reasonable.


                    • Previously I used to go to this steamboat at katong and I was a real regular as I go about 3-4 times a month. However recently encounted a really bad experience there!

                      Recently they introduced some special soup bases for an extra charge of $5.
                      I tried the pig stomach soup previously and really liked it so I requested for it again. But halfway through the dinner, the soup needed a refill and to my horror, it was refilled with plain chicken soup instead.

                      The reason gave was that the pig organ soup had actually run out and the cooks did not have time to boil the new batch of soup so the reason for this taste. Seriously, who are they kidding?

                      There is a hell lot of a difference between chicken stock soup and diluted pig stomach soup. If I can't even tell the difference, why do I even pay extra $5 when I can just take the chicken soup for free?

                      Totally dissapointed with the attitude of the waitresses there as well as they tell me they are only middleman so if the cook say its pig stomach soup, nothing they can do.

                      Anyway just wish to share my experience and vent it all out. Paid $5 for a soup base that was free. Blah!


                      • Jpot

                        Recently I went to try Jpot at Vivocity...
                        It was not bad... there are quite a few soup base you can choose...
                        I tried the Superior Jumbo Soup or smthg like tt...
                        It is served in individual pot

                        The beef is really good.. ad the prawns are fresh..
                        It might be a bit pricey since it is ala carte...
                        My friend and I share a pot since we can refill the soup..
                        ANd there was a promotion for lunch so in the end we each pay about 20 and we were really full!

                        Can go and try if you don't want to eat too much.. cuz i realised i ate a lot if it is steamboat buffet