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Huang Na's body found in a box at Telok Blangah

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  • Huang Na's body found in a box at Telok Blangah

    My deepest condolences to her family.


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    My heart sank when I heard the news from a friend yesterday afternoon. This guy actually stayed in that estate & everyone is now speculating that he had killed the girl aft raping her.


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      that's so sad.


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        I cannot believe it!

        I don't understand why Ah Hao do this He also have 2 kids. He should know the feeling of being a parents too! Yet he can do such a thing to a pretty innocent young girl. And don't even know is he mad, as he'll only tell the truth when time is ripe

        I feel so sad now! But I feel even more upset for her Mum When yesterday I saw the news flash on TV. I imagine myself as her Mum waiting for the DNA result to do confirmation of the body identity. Her feeling must be very miserable & terrible. As she don't want to hear the fact that the DNA result is her girl

        Hope the truth will come out soon.


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          My friend told me in the middle of the night yesterday!Got a shock of my life...
          Apparently I heard he really did rape her?And had to kill her cause she recognised him... He used to be their neighbour too if I'm not wrong...Can't believe what people can do sometimes!


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            reaLLY?!!?!? she got raped by him. that ah hao is so damm mean.
            i'm goin to watch the news tonight again. :piss:


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              this took guy was a family friend! how could he have done this?? imagine the shame this pedophile will put this family thru? poor huang na only 8 years old. i feel so sorry for her mother.


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                so sad that such a terrible thing should happen...

                totally crazy..


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                  I hope she wasn't been raped.. I'm very disturbed by the fact that she's was naked and stuff into the box. So poor thing...


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                    yes and was so badly decomposing but the time they found her.all those searching in vain.

                    do you think that parents have this connection with their you think that her mom actually felt some ill feeling but brush it away because humans are creatures of hope?


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                      Yes I pity the mum, but do you know this girl was left alone most of the time? Read this news yesterday on how independent is Huang Na. Can you imagine having to take a bus to somewhere and buy yourself a birthday cake while your mum is in China? She eats alone most of the time too.


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                        My mom told me about how independent she was as well. I think it partially the mum's fault too. How could the mum just leave a 9 yr old daughter to fend for herself while she just leave to go to China for MONTHS?! I dont think I would feel safe even if I were to put her with a family friend.



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                          I haven't been following the news, but as of Tuesday, the victim was still not confirmed. Yet. Based on the fact that Took was the last person that was seen with Huang Na, he was charged with murder of Huang Na. Did I get anything wrong?

                          In that case, why did the police charge him before confirming the identity of the corpse?

                          Makes me think of the maid murderer case.

                          Is politics involved in this case? Is Big Brother China too dangerous to offend? Or is a Malaysian an easy scapegoat?

                          Call me a skeptic!


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                            all in all, i just feel that e girl is so poor thing, she does things all by herself while her mom is in china.

                            jus can't understand how could e mom feel at ease?!


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                              dont quote me but if im not wrong Took was the one who led the police to telok blangah hill park to locate the body. I read this somewhere in the newspaper.

                              Perhaps, thats why police bring charges against Took even before the identity of the body was made known.