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  • Eye For A Guy 1 / 2

    just watched "eye for a guy" (?) the local bachelorette version. never had a show that had me laughing out loud sooo many times! they should rename it to "what you should not do on a date"

    s&m stories? singing the frog song? and all the bitching from the guys!

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    Eye for a guy? Is it that one that show the FHM girl? When was it show?


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      Oh no.. I missed that... arrghh... have been wanting to catch "eye for a guy".. *sigh*... how's the show, duckie? maybe can tell me some juicy parts.. heee...

      Today's the last episode of "Westside story".. think i'm going to miss tony sun... hope no offence to those who don't like 5566..

      anyway, i think i'm more into taiwanese idol shows.. actually.. no.. any kind of love stories drama, i will be hooked...

      used to like jap drama.. esp "overtime".. cried almost everytime at the ending... *sigh*...


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        monday 10pm ch5


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          Originally posted by raebelasian
          Mich, it was shown just before America's Next Top Model at 10pm. It's just the first episode today. Still not too late to catch next week's. By the way, the bachelorette's Rachel Lee
          i'll make sure i catch it next week. i'm a sucker for those bachelor/rette programs.

          woo.... rachel lee. aint the guys a lucky bunch?


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            sheesh, i forgot clean about it!

            One of the guys is my bro gf lecturer in Ngee Ann Poly, gorgeous!


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              yeah he's gorgeous, that Mark! but i think alot of the guys were made to look like idiots in this episode

              yeah Rachel's hot. but i think she's a bit too guarded for a reality show ... she's too "Beauty Queen" in her answers. politically correct all the time.


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                my SO has seen rachel before...before her bikini fame. He said she has bad skin but she's fleshy (hence her big boobs). And well, i saw her in the papers today because she was at some competition about staying afloat in a pool for the longest time for some cash prize. And there she was smiling in her nude-coloured bikini IIRC, and her boobs were like WOAH. They have a whole new identity themselves..... And there was a baby croc there too, for the kick of it or something...I was wondering what would happen if it bit her boobs...would it go kapoof! Okay, i know im babbling crap here.. anyway, i think that bachelorette show seems very fake and downright dumb. Cant they come up with something more interesting? like Meet my Folks? I find that a whole more fascinating and amusing....


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                  BF thinks Rachel's built like a tank. So mean (ha ha) but she does look kinda heavy to me.. I boycotted the show cos I totally don't get the point of it. However, BF thought the prog's quite alright. I asked him why and he said it didn't make him cringe.

                  My GF thinks it's disgusting.


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                    Originally posted by Glossie
                    My GF thinks it's disgusting.
                    Why disgusting? The guys or just the girl?


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                      She meant the show, I suppose.. Do you like the prog? I find it incongruent that it should be amusing (based on what Duckiee's described some of the contents). Guess I'm just too against the idea of it to give it a chance. I'm not a prude but I just don't get it. Don't mind me
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                        Watched Eye For A Guy too! Thought it was hilarious. Great way to laugh at those guys.

                        I've seen Rachel in person and in passing. She's frankly not very pretty but her body is pretty impressive, especially from a man's point of view.

                        I'm actually quite impressed with the men already considering the usual standard of Singaporean men. :roll: Most of them appeared self-assured and relatively eloquently. None of the usual bumbling tongue-tied idiots you'd get if you randomly picked 10 guys from the street! Some of the guys actually seem genuinely nice instead of merely being there to be in the limelight.

                        In fact, I actually know one of the guys who got kicked out. Was laughing my head off throughout the programme!

                        Ultimately, the programme is hilarious because it's so bad and such an obvious ripoff. TCS has obviously given up on originality and quality programmes, going for sleazy cheesy ones instead. Even the new 'local' programmes (Ghost stories, missing) are pretty laughable.


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                          I was kind of looking forward to the show all week but it didnt live up to my expectations :huh:

                          Rachel has that kind of figure that will make heads turn and surprisingly, she actually sounded quite sweet given her build! (me am mean )

                          Didint finish watching and am not going to continue next week unless am really desperate....


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                            I don't get it too. Totally turnoff when I saw the trailer for the 'Eye For A Guy' prog. It just reminds me of the 'Bachelor', 'Bachelorette' or 'For Love or Money' kinda programmes. Lack of originality! So TCS is paying money to hire producers/behind the scenes ppls to produce a replica programme?!?!


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                              Originally posted by michbaby
                              Oh no.. I missed that... arrghh... have been wanting to catch "eye for a guy".. *sigh*... how's the show, duckie? maybe can tell me some juicy parts.. heee...
                              Gosh I can't believe I missed this too. I have been wanting to watch this! Not that I like the show but there's this guy that I knew from Uni. He's such a bastard. Wonder why he's in it when he's already attached. :roll: In the first place, really puzzled me how he got in?? He should really be