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Newbie at planning trips.

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  • Newbie at planning trips.

    hi all.. i need some help here.

    i am planning a trip to philippines. i have no experience doing that at all. i will be travelling alone there and being the first time planning this, i m totally clueless. please help..

    what should be the appropriate approach in my situation now? should i go online to book for airflight and hotel accommodation?
    i have considered a few hotels, if i would to go to a travel agency to get as a package, would that be cheaper? would staying in a service apartment be cheaper too, would travel agency make arrangement for that? i m really lost... :roll:

    i would like to keep my spending to the minimal, if possible.

    hope to hear from all soon.

    thank you.
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    1. are you travelling there to visit anyone or just to holiday?
    2. which part of philippines?
    3. what are your plans once there?
    4. have you been there before?

    you basically have two things to think about: cost, and peace of mind.

    if you are TOTALLY new to philippines, i'd advise you to go for a FULL tour package. that way you don't have to worry about transport, itinerary, hotel. might be a *bit* more expensive, but you don't have to worry about connections. agencies usually give fairly decent hotels so you don't have to worry too much about being in a dodgy area.

    IMO, you sound like you'd be better off with a tour, if you're so lost and helpless with just basic planning.


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      Hi vixette,

      i m going to Manila to visit my friend. actually it's a surprise visit. i planned to stay some where nearby my friend's place. once we meet up, i would be 'safe'.

      i know which hotel i should be staying, i m basically lost at how to go about booking for hotel and airflight at the most convenient way. if i can get a better deal booking online, i wouldnt mind trying.

      thanks vixette for ur reply. i will take ur advise to check out with some tour agencies first.


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        in that case, try calling up travel agencies and see if they do solely flight and hotel packages. it's usually better and easier cos the travel connections are settled and they have a better rate with the hotels than if you were to book direct.

        i'm not sure if there are online sites where you can book entire packages like the one above.

        i know zuji does airtix, but only accomodation in certain countries. and i'm fairly sure they won't do the airport-hotel transport.




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          oh no.. i have called to check with travel agencies, almost all that i ve contacted do not provide a package to philippines, manila. they said that is a business district not one of those popular hot spot..

          .. if i book the ticket through the agency, i would ve to arrange for separate booking for the hotel.. i even have to arrange for transfer with the hotel..

          i m planning to leave on the 11 nov.. guess there isnt any way that i cld cut down on the cost..


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            i'm surprised the agency isn't able to help you with hotel bookings. did they at least try to recommend anything?

            you can try checking for prices for hotels at

            once you've settled the hotel, may i suggest that you liase with the hotel directly to arrange for airport transfer. have someone meet you there rather than try to take the public transport.


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              hi michannat,

              yes, most agencies said they do not provide package to philippines. this morning, i found one, MISA Travel, friendly service, unlike most that i have called, they provide package, however quite expensive.

              i m thinking to book airflight from Zuji (online) and hotel booking separately. do u think that should be alright?

              have u heard about Precisionreservation (online booking)? their hotel rate is rather low though i m not sure if that is reliable. i might be going for that. if i dont try, i will never know.. hopefully if Precision is good, it will provide us with more travel fun.

              thanks for your reply.


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                i've not heard about precisiononline. try it out and let us know. wotif is good for last minute travels. maybe you can try finding out hotel rates from both sites and see which offers a better price.

                packages are usually quite expensive. i usually perfer to go F&E although a package is usually recommended for a first time traveller.

                which part of the phillipines are you heading to? my bf and i are looking forward to going to borocay (sp?) one day.

                have fun.


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                  i have booked my tickets through Zuji and hotel through Precision.
                  Both offer reasonable rate or should i say the lowest rate from all my search.

                  well.. i would keep you posted about Precision. Their service and reliability after i 'complete' my trip.

                  Pray for me that all turn out well.

                  i am going Manila.

                  I have mentioned MISA travel right? you should try that when you have decided to go for that trip with ur bf. their rate is very attractive, but have to travel in twos. in fact for five stars hotel, if i would to book through them, i will be paying nearly $300 lesser than what i m paying for now. Best of all, everything is done under one roof.. do check that out.

                  thanks again.


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                    i've been to manila several times, but only 1 day each time (we always stay in cebu---> really beautiful beaches!) Borocay is also beautiful Michannat, great vacation place!

                    ice_faith, make sure you have some currency converted already. it's good to have small bills ready, as with every country, for tipping, paying, etc. also, manila is notorious for really awful traffic. once it took us 2 hours to get 2 miles---> from airport to the hotel! nightmare! we were so hungry! so carry small snacks.

                    if you can--> try to get a hotel shuttle bus to pick you up, as you are a lone female traveling in an unfamiliar place. I just like that better when I travel alone. but if your friend will meet you, then it will be fine!

                    if you haven't yet made arrangement--> maybe package is the right way to go? i never have done package, but i am planning a trip to japan, and think i might do my first package trip... is much easier i think, if never been there before!

                    HTH a little~


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                      I'm planning for a 4D3N trip to Manila at the later part of the year and am wondering what are the places I should go and visit? And also, should I stay within Manila City or in Makati where there are more shopping and attractions? I have some places in mind to visit; Tagaytay & Taal, Corregidor, Intramuros, Manila Bay, Luneta, Makati, Malate and so on. Too many places too little time. So I need some recommendations of hotels or areas to stay in so I don't need to spend too much time travelling. Anyone wanna share their experiences? Thanks alot!