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  • Umbilical Hernia

    I noticed that my baby's navel protrudes rather prominently when she cries and strains. I did a google search and came up with this:

    I wonder if any of your babies are like this as well. Apparently, there's little to be worried about as it goes away on its own by the first birthday.

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    You should talk to your pediatrician. While most umbilical hernias go away, some don't, or if it causes excessive pain and distress to the baby it should be repaired fairly soon. It's a very quick operation - excluding the time for anesthesia it takes like 20 min to repair tops, but your baby will be under for a bit longer as they need to prep.

    "Umbilical hernias with ring diameters less than 1 cm are more likely to close spontaneously than those with ring diameters more than 1.5 cm. Surgery is indicated for all symptomatic umbilical hernias. Incarceration, strangulation, skin erosion, and bowel perforation are indications for immediate surgery. Similarly, patients presenting with pain should be repaired on an elective basis. "

    Hernias which don't cause any symptoms e.g. pain, swelling or infection should be monitored till your baby is 4-5 years to see if it closes spontaneously. If your baby has a big defect, you should consider surgery sooner. But as always, you need to talk to your pediatrician who may then refer you to a surgeon for a consult.


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      Thanks Aphrael. My baby doesn't have all the symptoms you have listed and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Anyhow, I will take her to the paed when she's ready for her next shot.