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Is returns/refunds valid for international orders?

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  • Is returns/refunds valid for international orders?

    i did a search but i am not able to find answers. hence this thread...

    i did a spree that sent items to VPOST USA then to singapore but one of the items was wrong!!

    what do i do?? merchant says that i can get a free refund with this label that says: free shipping anywhere in the states

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    You should be able to return it and get a refund. You'll have to pay for shipping though. I don't recommand getting an exchange because they'll most probably ship back to Vpost USA which means you have to pay for shipping the item back to them, as well as the postage from Vpost USA back to you. Not worth it at all unless the item is over a hundred dollars maybe.


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      thank you for the what is the usual custom when wrong item is received in a spree??


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        Hi avojuice,
        I had a similar experience with Old Navy. They sent me a wrong item.
        Just email them and tell them that they have sent the wrong item. In the email state that you are an international customer from Singapore and ask them how can they rectify the situation.

        In the email also state that if they require you to ship the item back to USA, how would the shipping charges be taken care of. Cause its not your fault that you got the wrong item and you should not be liable to pay for international shipping charges.

        The other time Old Navy told me to keep the wrong item and they sent the correct on to Vpost USA. But they also state that it is a one off policy and will not be repeated again cause at the moment they don't ship internationally.

        Oh yah, you can get 50% off the shipping from Vpost if you forward them the email when the company replies you. This is to 'prove' that the item is 'returned' and entitled to the discounted shipping from USA to SG.



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          thank you i'll try =)