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  • Sesame Street LIVE

    Revive your love for them!

    Nov 23-Dec 5

    Everyone Makes Music is a 90-min musical extravaganza featuring the ever popular Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Count Von Count, Zoe, Rosita, Baby Bear and Grover.

    The story revolves around Jenny, the music teacher, who has just moved to Sesame Street. All the characters want Jenny to give them music lessons but Jenny's truck of musical instruments has not arrived. So they all help Jenny out by making musical instruments out of everyday things. And together, they made music!

    Highly energetic & interactive, this live show is a hit not only pre-schoolers but also the adults. For over 20 years, Sesame Street Live has toured 140 cities worldwide and has played to more than 46 million children and their families. This is its first tour to Asia and the show will definitely warm the hearts of many!

    Tour Date:
    23 November - 5 December 2004

    7.30pm from Tuesdays to Thursdays;

    11am, 3.30pm & 7.30pm from Fridays to Sundays

    D'Marquee (Downtown East)

    Ticket Prices:
    $65, $48, $38 & $25

    (*Prices excludes the $2 Sistic handling fee)

    Full show details and the show preview trailer are available at and here's some info on Sesame Street Live:

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    I'm actually pretty tempted to catch them or Winnie the Pooh live. Just to relive my childhood!
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      cool! Anybody going to watch?


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          Me too! and my... the tickets are EXPENSIVE!


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            Old kid also want!!! I hope Rowlf (from Muppets) can guest-appear in the show then i get the $38. Think end up getting the $25 one...


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              Watched this yesterday.. it was GREAT!

              Really enjoyed it.. was getting jiggy with it along with my kiddo on the seat.. ha! Just like an old kiddo..


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                Was there too, on wed.

                This is much better put together, compared to the barney show.


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                  Yeah! the show is great. My family & I like it very much.


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                    Originally posted by Sugarplum

                    This is much better put together, compared to the barney show.
                    Really? i thought the Barney show was pretty fun too!