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AntiMOS? (Mozzie repellant)

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  • AntiMOS? (Mozzie repellant)

    does anyone know where we can purchase this?

    i got the phone number off a website couple of months back and ordered some. works great! however, thanks to a dear doggie and my own carelessness... the number is all chewed up into bits.

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    What is this?? :huh:


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      I'm too.

      My 1st reaction was... "don't tell me this is a thread on anti-MOS burger? hahahaha... since there's a thread somewhere mostly on raves on MOS burger.

      I must be too hungry. Hahaha... of cos some MOS burgers at this time would be nice. LoL!


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        oops! this is NOT a burger! it's a insect repellent... mostly for mosquitoes =)



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          does it really work? any strange smells? I'm the mozzie magnet at home



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            hey angie, me too! and not just at home, everwhere! and now that its the monsoon season, i'm gettin bites all over!

            any idea what is it that makes people like us especially prone to mozzie bites? "sweet" blood maybe huh?

            oh yes, i read that burning citronella essential oils can help to keep the mozzies away. has anyone tried it before? does it work?
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              great world city mini fair

              hi snowstar,

              speak about timeliness....

              my colleagues and i went out for lunch this afternoon, and saw <b>antimos</b> selling at one of the makeshift stalls at the mini bazaar fair at great world city.

              i picked up a card and here's the company selling <b>antimos</b>:

              universal nature pte ltd
              email: [email protected]
              hp: 9336-1126 (andrew ngeow)

              - crazygirl


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                THANK YOU SO MUCH! haha.

                to the others, this REALLY WORKS! at least for my family. it doesnt smell unpleasant ( think citronella scent ) and when left open, the mossies just dissappear.

                i tested it out by using it alternative day and seems like it does the trick =)


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                  you're welcome snowstar

                  i didn't get one for myself, but heard from my colleague that <b>antimos</b> is quite good. she always brings one down with her kids to the playground, and they haven't gotten "attacked" by mosquitoes since then.

                  - crazygirl


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                    Does anyone know of a good Mosquito Repellant? I have been getting mosquito bites lately.. There is a garden in front of me , maybe thats why..


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                      this antimos sounds good! how does it work and how much does it cost?

                      i really need to shield myself from the evil mozzies! i've got dengue twice already, and the second episode was deadly... literally

                      i saw citronella candles sold at pharmacies before but not sure how effective they are... i know there's also this anti-mozzies body shower thing.


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                        Hi bo-peep, you looking for one too. Am going to check out the Guardian Pharmacy later. Cos mozzies so irritiating, spoilt my sleep not to talk about my skin as well. I am more afraid that it will get to my baby.. There is a page write up on anti mozzies on Sunday life Section Page 2. Something about a new Anti mozzies patch. Forgot whats the name..


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                          the mossie patch selling at a pharmacy near my workplace at S$8.67 for 10 pcs.


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                            i have the patch thingy! don't have to paste on skin directly. just on the inside of your pants, socks etc! haven't tried it yet....


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                              it comes in a small round container. the antimos itself is a green solid substance and smells like citronella. if you don't like the scent of citronella, don't bother trying this!

                              when in need of it, just open the container and the scent will repel the mosquitoes. it is about $5 per container (not too sure) and can last for 1 month. For me, it has lasted 4months as i use it only at night and during mosquito season!

                              fyi, turning down the temperature doesn't help.