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    Are you folks into anime, Japanese, I guess, since I don't know of any others. AXN has been showing 'Samurai X' aka 'Rurouni Kenshin' of late and I'm so hooked, almost like a kid! My husband too. We'll wake up at 0600hrs on weekdays just to catch it. The protagonist, Himura Kenshin, is such a hero. Ya, I'm gushing, almost idolising him, and he's a cartoon character!

    Anyway, we're planning to buy the entire series, the movie, and the OVA. But it's so expensive, far more than Hollywood or Korean productions. The series alone consists of 3 vols, each costing more than US$100.

    I like Ranma too, but that's only for laughs and light amusement. It's not as well produced as Samurai X, and it looks as though the manga have been simply chained together with some movement thrown in, that's all.

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    I am so happy!!!!!! someone else likes to talk about anime as well!! I am a huge anime fan!! At my university, I founded the anime club, and my dream job is to be a voice actress for an anime show... sigh! Rurouni Kenshin is very good... are you watching it subtitled? it's much better in the original Japanese. I don't like dubbed anime as much, although the newer dubs are getting better (some of the older ones are terrible!) one of the good dubbed ones is Coybow Bebop. Anyhow, the first two seasons of RK is very good, as well as the movies and OVAs, but everyone I know hates the third season, so we all pretend it doesn't exist, since it could all very well end with season 2, and still be very nice. the manga series was still going when they finished season 2... so the anime writers went on their own story line, that is why it is such a different plot than the first 2 seasons!

    i cannot keep up with anime much anymore, b/c of school and work... but i watch Cartoon Network when I can (even though it is dubbed!) They are showing Inu Yasha and YuYU Hakusho, which are actually very good dubs! I like InuYasha a lot, it's by the same person as Ranma!

    my favorite of all time is probably Fushigi Yuugi. I love the main hero Tamahome... he's my dream man! sigh... it has the best ending of any anime series i've seen. but i hated the OVAs, so i pretend they don't exist either, LOL!

    Also good: Escaflowne! Macross Plus, Evangelion, Marmalade Boy, Tenchi Muyo (I love Ryo-ohki!!!!), and more... I like mecha and shoujo anime. not too much action though! although I did like Ghost in the Shell!

    so glad to talk with you!


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      I would like to watch more anime, but language is a problem! I like them undubbed. Watching them dubbed in Chinese, NOT English, will do in a pinch, since I grew up with a steady diet of those on TV. Unfortunately, most anime available on VCD/DVD here in Asia are either subtitled in Chinese (which I don't read so well) or really bad English.

      The English subtitling on AXN is not too bad, but they tend to show the same anime over and over again. I've lost count of how many times RK has been shown :bore: I'd like to watch the newer ones.

      My favourite anime series of all time are probably Patlabor (TV and movies both) and Cardcaptor Sakura (ditto). As a kid I watched Robotech avidly and even own the whole set of novel adaptation. I've enjoyed Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyou and Sakura Wars more recently. Also, I think the movie Spirited Away is just magical - beats anything Disney has ever done. But generally, I'm more of a sci-fi kind of girl.

      Going to change my avatar in honour of this thread!


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        woo hoo! i am so excited with this post!
        my nickname, koneko, is in honor of anime, b/c my nickname is "kitten" and they always have neko and koneko in anime!

        Ah, Robotech. I watched that too, growing up! Did you know that it is actually a stolen anime series? It's three anime series, Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeda put into one. I love Macross everything. I read the Robotech novels, and have watched the original Macross DVDs, and I really like the original series much better! But I do like the music of Robotech a lot, LOL!! My brother is a huge fan, so when he hears "robotech" he becomes really angry, and goes on huge tirades! when I showed it at anime club, he boycotted the meetings! (my own brother!) but I made it up to him by showing the original ones too.

        I also watched Voltron (Go Lion), Tranzor-Z, and a few others growing up. Such good memories!

        Anime is getting popular in US lately--> lots of kids are reading translated manga now. I am so frustrated, b/c they didn't have it when I had more time! Too busy now to read all the manga I want!

        I agree, Miyazaki is a genius. I think his most beautiful film to look at is Mononoke Hime, but I think his best film overall is Nauiscaa of the Valley of the Wind. I still cry whenever I see it!!

        I guess I really like all the genre, except anything too violent and of course anything hentai! I like the funny ones, the otaku ones, the shojou ones, the mecha, the philosophical ones, the sci-fi... sorry, I love anime!!

        Secret: I even have an anime costume! Shhh! I haven't worn it to a convention yet---> no time!

        Last anime movie I saw: Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. Very good, esp. if you saw the first one.

        Last series I finished: Ayashi no Ceres. Very sad, romantic, and a little twisted. =( I cried a lot! Very shojou!

        Series now following: InuYasha, Fruits Basket, and just got a new series arriving from a friend!

        sorry! I can keep talking all day!!


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          wow anime fans!! i am one too... am watching naruto now.. that's the only series i'm really following at the moment. have watched fushigi yuugi too! i love tasuki~ and getbackers was really funny i thought. i love my ginchan and banchan! :D


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            hi babyduo!
            oh you like tasuki too? he's my second favorite! so cute!!!
            oh, is naruto good? i have heard a lot of good things about it!!


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              yes!! i love tasuki's seiyuu!! and tamahome's seiyuu too... hahx~
              yep.. naruto is rather good. but it's rather long; 108 episodes and running?! X___x
              the last good anime i finished watching was full metal alchemist. seen it?


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                Seen quite a no. of animes so far. and yes, full metal alchemist is one of it, pretty well-done i must say.. for me, i mainly watch fansubs, its easier to understand and there isn't so much waiting time for it to be released on vcds/dvds. hmmm. i know, fansubs. but they are great.

                a list of animes i like... er. maybe not, its pretty long, but here's a few:
                hikaru no go
                gundam seed
                fruits basket
                hunter x hunter
                maria-sama (im not sure why i liked it though? *scratch head*)
                last exile
                chrno crusade

                arh. the list goes on.


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                  i love hunterxhunter!!!! it's really nice... i read the manga too.. killua is my fave <3
                  and last exile has wonderful animation + soundtrack :D
                  watched chrno crusade too but it really bored me.


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                    chrno was really dark. but sometimes, i don't get bored watching some animes? i know if i do... i would fall asleep and refuse to continue watching anymore of that series.

                    ah. the manga for hunter x hunter, trying to get the most up to date chapters, but seems like its not available


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                      fma is the dark one!

                      hmm.. the latest chapters for hxh are very badly drawn. *eyes bleed*
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                        is anime the same as japanese cartoon?


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                          Yes you are right.

                          Arts Central are showing Twelve Kingdoms and Inuyasha every wed to fri at 11pm and 11.30pm respectively.

                          I like the Twelve Kingdoms better as its more confusing, with all the different worlds and different system, making it more exciting to watch. However, both animes have quite long episodes and art central will only be showing them till end of Nov, if I'm not mistaken. Especially Inuyasha, it has more than a hundred episodes! whew..


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                            SCV's 56 is showing Ragnarok dubbed in chinese. Loved the identities of the characters but somehow don't get the full plot :huh:

                            Heard from my sis at SITEX that Anime Channel is coming to SCV. $4.20 per month.
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                              i used to follow this anime every saturday. its about the 12 chinese horoscope. apparantly this "cao mo jia zu" are cursed and the family members turn in animals when they hugged by the non-cursed opposite sex people. one of the more popular character is the cat...and he is very bad-tempered but thats what makes him so funny. theres a girl inside called "xiao tu". shes a friend of some of the "cao mo jia zu" members, namely the mouse, dog, and cat.

                              its was a very motivating and moving cartoon until Channel 8 decides "Happy Sunday" will be more popular and discontinued the cartoon series! i was so mad!!!

                              does anyone knows what is the title of this series and where can i buy a whole set? it seems i ask some vcd vendors and they have no idea what i was talking about...