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    What kind are u looking at? The girly type or the funny comedy kind or mecha types?

    My first ever anime was Love Hina in anycase. Same author as Mahou Sensei Negima.

    Originally posted by angeline78
    any anime to recommend me??


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      I'm also a anime lover...but ever since my bro pc broke down i have not access to the anime...and my sis laptop is too slow to play the anime..

      Still watching
      Naruto (all time fav)
      Bleach (getting interesting)
      Prince of Tennis (getting a little draggy)
      Hikaru no Go (got the whole series but haven't watch yet)

      Finished watching
      Aishiteru ze baby
      Fruit Basket
      Kare Kano

      wanted to watch some girly anime since ive been hooked to PoT and Naruto for so long already...any recommendations?


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        Hi Koneko, I love Tamehome too! I just discovered Fushigi Yuugi as my little cousin lent it to me... I was sure that I wouldn't like anime and she dared me to try! haha. now I'm hooked. I was trying to find the OSt on Ebay and there are so many versions. WOuld you or anyone know about the different types of soundtracks for Fushigi Yuugi? I'm particularly interested in the main soundtracks and The Vocal Memories one, though I don't see the difference from The Character SOngs one as both are sung by the seiyuus anyway. Thank! =)


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          ah... is it only me who like nuriko? everytime i watched the part where he use his last strength to save miaka i'll cry! he's so MAN!!!


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            I thought Kaleido Star was really nice, the music and everything just fits in pretty well. It's stil ongoing and doesn't seem to be very popular, but I thought that it was under-rated. This is a girly anime about a girl whose dreams is to be "the ultimate kaleido star" and along the way, she meets with obstacles. The show is pretty humurous in my opinion.

            Full Moon wo Sagashite is a good show too. I got so addicted that I watched 50+ episodes at one shot. Took me about 3 days though.

            Scrapped Princess, another more "girly" shows around. The story is about a seemingly innocent girl, Pacifica, who is destinied at 16 to destroy the world. Abandoned by her royal parents and hunted by royal knights, she is called the "Scrapped Princess," hated and feared by everyone for what she is prophesized to do.
            The two people that protect her are both extraordinary humans that look at Pacifica as their own flesh and blood and would die for her. One (the sister) can cast magic with very few words (beating a highly trained priest without even trying), and the other (the brother) is an incredible swordsman. A fantastical quest of destiny begins...
            (got this review from anime-source)

            Fruits Basket is great for its comedy too. heh.

            and the list goes on.


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              yup scrapped princess is really good.... been re-watching it! in love with leo & shannon!!!! & fulle... ah...


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                for those who watched Prince of Tennis can share with me where to get ep 157 onwards using torrents? arigato .. it a funny anime haha


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                  Shaman King is really cool. Been chasing it every wed, thurs, and fri eversince it started on art central. Manta really cracks me up, such a clown at times. Just finished watching another exciting episode, think I should go grab the whole series

                  My favourite is still Last Exile. Like the way the characters are drawn, and it has a good plot. Best of all, it's not draggy.


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                    Originally posted by sandia
                    for those who watched Prince of Tennis can share with me where to get ep 157 onwards using torrents? arigato .. it a funny anime haha
                    i usually get my torrents from Anime Suki

                    But the torrents for prince of tennis is up to 148 only


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                      Finding Bleach a bit boring actually.

                      Currently still watching Mahou Sensei Negima, Tsubasa Chronicle and He is My Master.


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                        i had watched Final Approach..pretty nice..likes those anime songs~
                        currently still watching Chobits...erm..quite a unusual type of anime


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                          just started watching tsubasa chronicles =)

                          any good animes to reccommend?


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                              i'm also another anime lover here.. hehe..

                              do you all know where i can loan animes to watch instead?
                              much faster than downloading...

                              i can't always leave my desktop on for weeks...
                              getting very hot... and its taking up my harddisk space..

                              Currently watched finished Guardian Hearts, Aishiteru ze Baby, and finishing up on My HiME...

                              Waiting to buy Mistin part 2... dont know why i cant seem to find it on the net...

                              Magical Princess Yucie is not bad too... hehe...


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                                Not sure if any places loan animes for watching.. let me know if you find any! Im love anime too.

                                Currently watching:
                                1. Bleach
                                2. MAR
                                3. POT
                                4. MyHiMe
                                5. Tsubasa Chronicle

                                I'm reading the manga for 1-3 as well.