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  • Lochia

    Dear all,

    Is it considered normal to be still passing lochia five weeks after delivery? My discharge ceased to be bright red in colour after the first week or so. After that, it was brown and gradually, it became light brownish. Then today, it was red again, though not bright red. It wasn't a lot but enough to soak my panty liner. Should I be worried? :roll:
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    It's normal up to six weeks or so, averaging 5, but the color and consistency should get lighter gradually, it'd be almost yellow by now. Are you ill by any chance? If you feel sick you should see your gynae, but if it's just a once off thing your body might be purging the remnants. I'd start worrying if it persists for more than three days, is abnormally large in amount, if you have a fever, or are experiencing any pain. The time duration is still normal.

    "Postpartum, a large amount of red blood initially flows from the uterus as the contraction phase rapidly occurs. The volume rapidly decreases. The duration of this discharge (lochia), known as lochia rubra, is variable. The red discharge changes to brownish red, with a more watery consistency, which is known as lochia serosa. Over a period of weeks, the discharge continues to decrease in amount and color and changes to yellow, which is known as lochia alba. The period of time the lochia can last varies, although it averages approximately 5 weeks, with a waxing and waning amount of flow and color. "


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      Thanks Aphrael

      I am not sick - just feeling rather stressed because I started work again last week. I've not had enough sleep/rest for the past one week. Could that be the reason?

      I have to make an appointment to see my gynae tomorrow for a postpartum check-up. I'll ask him then.

      Btw, are you a doctor/medical student? I was trained as a registered nurse and have a nursing degree but I never got to practise nursing.


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        Yeah, I graduated med school but I quit the darn job. Just didn't see the point in getting overworked and underpaid. Have better things to do with my time. I know it sounds bad, but that's really how I feel. I also hate it when people think doctors have a "glamorous" job - we're not catwalk models (I'd rather be a model if I had the looks). Also didn't like taking crap from patients. Look, my parents paid for my entire education and I don't take crap from them, so there. Show some respect. I also hate arrogant doctors who think they know everything just based on a med degree. It's a piece of paper. Get a reality check. But I digress as I often do. I just give general advice but nothing truly medical that you really need to talk to a doctor for. is a very good resource - I passed all my exams based on that and it's written by specialists from all over the world.

        Keep editting cos' I'm just compulsive.
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          i had it for all of 8 weeks with both of my deliveries i know how bad it sucks! plus, i didn't feel "fresh" (sorry if tmi) for weeks after that, and had to deal with episiotomies both times , too...don't worry , it DOES end, even though you feel like you'll never be normal again !