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  • Tibet

    anyone been there?

    my parents want me to go along with them this coming CNY but i m not all that keen.

    anyone here wanna share ur experience with me?


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    hi all, the tics have been booked n i read that the temp in feb can reach to -12!!!! it's ard 10 to -12....

    n i have to get a new pair of sunglasses too.

    any recommendation where i can get the clothese needed for this place n where can i get cheap n good sunglasses?

    sigh.... gonna be real broke....


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      hi Pills, enjoy your trip.

      may i suggest you look through the CozyFashion thread for your needs.

      doing a search should give you some results on winter clothing and sunglasses. i remember reading them before.

      my bf went to Tibet back in JC and he loved it. but he also suffered major diarrhoea when he was there. i've no experiences to share but maybe you'll like to be more cautious when you eat out. and bring lomotil or any other medicine. and drink bottled water only.

      EDITED to add:

      just checked CozyAccessories and saw that you've found the sunglasses thread. and you and vernis are cracking me up.
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        I always wanted to go tibet. I heard the scenery there is totally breathtaking!

        Pills, you should always go travelling with an open-mind, you never know! Enjoy yourself


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          Wow, how nice to be able to visit Tibet. I'd read the book Freedom in Exile by the Dalai Lama, and it seems that the current Tibet (which was overtaken by China in 1959) has lost quite a bit of the true Tibetan landscape and culture. Nevertheless, it would be interesting, I'm sure...have a safe and good trip!


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            Relax... it is NOT as ulu as you think or imagine - not sure which part of Tibet you are going but I would be damned excited if I were you. Shangri-la is now a little more developed with a couple of foreign hotels and resorts (including our own Banyan Tree) but they maintain the scenary + surrounding so nothing is spoiled.

            In the even that you get all the way up to Lhasa albeit the altitude sickness, congratulations, please come home safe and tell us your story + experience. I would be extremely keen to hear about your trip

            A bit out of track here but Lijiang in Yunnan is also very breath-taking. Ok back to Tibet - its just like Paris but whilst Paris is filled with air of romance, Tibet is filled with air of suspense and mystery. Chill and enjoy ok


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              hi girls,

              thanx for ur advice! i'll be going to lhasa and one more place. dunno what it's called in english tho.

              will share my experience with u gals when i retuen!


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                hi there michannat: is it truw that singtel has no autoroam in tibet?

                'coz that was what one of their staff told me. so ur bf couldn't contact u the whole time he was there?

                just wanna find out 'coz i m levaing this sat.

                tia! =)


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                  Pills, enjoy yourself! I just read your reply to my Melbourne post. :D Bimbo that I am, the first thing I thought of is moisturizer! You better bring loads of it.


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                    hey gals, i've return n survived.

                    tibet is indeed a nice place but it was hell of a trip. the high altitude was a killer! esp when we went up to somewhere near 5000 metres, that was when i got a minor asthma attack as the air was thin.

                    the first day there and quite a few of us got fever, vomitting, headache, giddiness, difficulty in breathing etc.

                    n that place is really cold, guess it was the midst of winter too but the wind chill was terrible as that place is windy and the cold just cut right thru your clothings.

                    went to lahsa and lingzhi.

                    i would say that the town is alright only but potala palace in lahsa was really amazing!! the people there are really devoted to their religion as well and it's interesting to see how to choose to live their life centring around their religion. some tibetans even kowtow all the way from another town to lahsa as a way of worshipping. heard from the tour guide that the journey can take up to more than a month and it's really amazing to see them kowtowing by the roadside in the cold weather!!

                    i would say that the countryside is really beautiful. the landscape is unique and the scenery is really beautiful as well. other than that. lingzhi is so so only. it's a pretty new town built by chinese army so it's rather military and lacks the tibetan feel. the architecture there is very chinese as well.

                    o, tibetans are rather warm and friendly people as well. much nicer than the chinese we came across in chengdu.

                    but we were all glad when we left that place as i think it was really physically tiring and draining for everyone in the group. but i am glad to have experienced tibet!!


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                      Sounds interesting! You got me wanting to find out more about Tibet now.


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                        Originally posted by Sugarplum
                        Sounds interesting! You got me wanting to find out more about Tibet now.
                        haha.. yup, u should give this place a try. but try not to go during winter 'coz it's really cold...


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                          sounds like you had a wonderful trip, except for the first day when some of you fell ill. thanks for your write up.

                          i'm sorry that i didn't actually get to read your query about the auto-roaming till now. you're now the best person to tell us if there's roaming in tibet. is there?


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                            haha.. there is.

                            except when u are passing through the more ulu countryside, then u'll lose connection. otherwise, u'll be contactable!


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                              Bumping this thread up a little. Has anyone visited Tibet recently? How is the place like? I'll love to visit Tibet soon and I'll love to get more tips from fellow cotters who have visited Tibet!