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  • Places to go together as a couple

    Singapore is so small with limited plcaes to go to!
    Besides the usual orchard, movies, cycling activites, what do you all usually go/do with your SO ?

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    you're right, there's really limited places to go in singapore...

    my SO is not in town, but whenever he's back we'd go:

    aside from those you've listed...
    - food-hunting: try new restaurants, different cuisines
    - once in a while, couple's spa/ massage
    - watch arts performance / musical
    - fly kite
    - go sentosa (once in a while, take the cablecar)
    - bowling
    - gaming arcade
    - coffee places
    - shopping (he doesn't enjoy girly shopping, but we take turns - sometimes sim lim square/ funan centre, sometimes orchard/ bugis... you get the idea )

    looking at the list, hmmm... nothing much really... :roll:

    - crazygirl


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      we enjoy taking long night drives and exploring the quiet parts of singapore. before jurong island was off limits to the gneral public, we used to love going there, park by the side of the road and chit chat. the area is deathly quiet at night even tho there are bright lights all around us coming from the factories. sometimes, we perch ourselves by the side of the airport runway and watch the planes take off and land.

      besides the usual stuff like watching movies, gyming and hanging out at bookstores, we like nothing better than to spend a quiet night together just talking about everything under the sun.
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        If you're sick of going out all the time. pick a recipe and do some cooking together. And stuff yoru faces later while watching a VCD. Nothing beats lazing around at home!

        I also like exploring nice, cozy cafes as a couple. Enjoying coffee, good weather, cigarettes while people watching is very much my kinda thing.


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          For me.. we like to hang out at each other's home. Cosy n need spend $$..and yet still can spend quality time w each other!

          PS: sorry to sidetrack abit, SO = significant other?


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            spot on, cinders.


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              Its only the two of us at our place, so we love to just chill at home. On weekends, we do alot with our dog - take her for walks together, to the beach, dog run, east coast. then there's yoga together, meals with friends and I'm blessed with an SO who loves to shop so we window shop together as well.


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                go to KTV to sing your lungs out

                go to Pet Shops to oogle at cute puppies

                buy a playstation/X-box and "beat" each other at games

                (when it comes to PS games, i win most of the time hahahaha....)


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                  Originally posted by gajahgirl
                  then there's yoga together, meals with friends and I'm blessed with an SO who loves to shop so we window shop together as well.
                  You lucky gal!

                  We don't really do much stuff together except the usual movies, plays and shopping. We just like to chill at home and irritate the hell of each other *lol* However, we used to be more spontaneous.

                  I do silly things with my friends more. He wouldn't have time to entertain my nonsense!

                  Then again, I like to do more things with him but just haven't found the right one yet.
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                    Did most of the things the gals mentioned above.

                    Maybe one thing more to contribute that is wash car together. Ha ha ever since he got a new car we spend like either sat or sun a couple of hrs just to wash the car clean.


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                      makes me so guilty, never lift my finger on helping to wash car before.

                      1) Whipping a couple meal? (usually his way of handling irks me
                      off so end up i feel like whipping his bums)

                      2) Do house chores (ok ok... another of my not-so-keen

                      3) Afternoon teas, in hotels or roadside shops along Katong,
                      East Coast also ok.

                      To conclude really not much to go.

                      On weekends, usually a casual remark will ended up finding myself being ferried to shop in JB.


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                        Ant > Hey no worries, I also didn't do much but washing and wiping only. the gritty details he does them all. Hee. You can start helping your bf anytime.

                        I does that to make him guilty then he will buy my lemmings when I want. Muhahahahhahaha...

                        Other places I just thought of are

                        - Parkway Tom Yam Steamboat
                        - Go multi-storey carpark(highest floor) at nite with some drinks and look at the sky.
                        - Go esplanade library to read free mags
                        - Go chill out at Max Brenner and eat yummy chocolate
                        - Play Pool with him (provided you like to play pool like me). For me I get the joy of winning him. hee


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                          Good Morning Verda

                          Thanks for your consolation.... He will not approve me helping (i hope it will always be this way as i detest washing & cleaning). 101% lazybones.

                          You are very fortunate, I never got him to pay for my lemmings, only on occasions where he will force to get branded bags. We have soft spot to buy such stuff.

                          Maybe being married so we stay at home more often to save on massive parking fees. Cheapskate ?!?

                          You stay in east?


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                            Hmmm! There IS really nothing much to do!

                            - hang out at supper places, drive around singapore satisfying our cravings (I think we never stop eating! )

                            - watch plays/musicals/movies together

                            - go CD-hunting @ HMV

                            - pore through fashion books @ Kino/Borders

                            - shopping! (He loves shopping too! I swear he spent more than me in HK!! )

                            - chill out and listen to music @ Wala's/Soundbar

                            - Play pool

                            - Stay in and watch DVDs/ singalong to songs on my laptop


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                              Singapore is so small there's really not many places that are interesting to go! Normally we'll hang out at each other's house to study, watch a lot of TV, cook meals together, sleep...

                              If we are outside, we'll be..

                              - shopping! he don't mind accompanying me to shop so that's great, and he's also the one who always drag me to try on clothes and persuade me to buy them..

                              - listening to classical music at hmv

                              - studying at orchard library.. he's starting uni next year so he's reading up on programming books.. while i'll read novels or magazines at the library.. haha

                              - eating at sakae.. we both love sushi!

                              - hanging out at esplanade along the river front.. the view there is nice!! and it's relaxing to listen to the waves at night.. not to mention people-watching too.. hehe

                              - going to interesting places such as mandai zoo, geylang serai, chinatown.. depending on festive seasons..

                              - walking LONG distances.. we once walked from suntec all the way to my house, which is near harbour front.. it's quite crazy to walk all the way home.. but it's fun too because it's good time to chit chat while strolling home.. it took 1.5 hours to reach home that night..

                              guess that's about all? we are both very boring and poor (usually from a few days after his pay day till his next pay day) people, so we seldom watch movies and do stuff that are expensive.. but i guess it's the quality of the time spent together..