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  • Morning Sickness

    hiya all,
    i am in the early stages of my pregnancy.:preggie:
    how do you ease morning sickness?
    i feel very terrible when i feel nauseous and wanna vomit.

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    Hi chibi,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Poor thing, I know how it feels. I would wake up every morning and throw up. especially when I was brushing my teeth. I couldn't have a toothbrush in my mouth without throwing up. Food smells made me puke too. At those times you just want to curl up in bed and go to sleep. My doc told me that morning sickness was due to the hormones and when we do get morning sickness its actually good for the baby, something to do with having enoough hormones for baby... Well I held on to that and told myself that although I was suffering baby is healthy and strong inside me.

    But to ease some of that nausea, I had a small bottle of medicated oil with me at all times (someone then told me that it wasn't too good to sniff too much of it). I only ate biscuits and bread in the morning and avoided all oily stuff.

    I know its really hard but hang in there, in about a few months it will pass and you will feel much better and enjoy your pregnancy.



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      Hi Chibi!

      First of all, congrats on being pregnant

      My morning sickness lasted for 2 months and I was truly miserable during that period. I couldn't keep anything down and was constantly vomitting (up to 6 times a day!) :puke:

      I avoided oily and fried food and tried to eat smaller meals and more frequently. That seemed to help.

      Like maj said, this phase will pass so hang in there. I was complaining non-stop to hubby when I had morning sickness but now I know, compared to looking after a newborn, 9 months of pregnancy is the easiest part


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        Totally agree with Ariel that now we are looking after our babies that the 9mths pregnancy was the easier part.

        Chibi, get as much sleep as you can now, you are going to be sleep deprived once baby comes.


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          Congrats Chibi

          I totally agreed with Maj and Ariel. My morning sickness lasted from beginning of 2nd month to early 4th month before I felt better.

          For me - I only puke twice :puke: which was lucky but I feel nauseous and terrible during night time. I tried the following to feel better:

          1) Eat smaller meals. So instead of 3 daily meal - I break down into 5 - light breakfast, lesser amount of lunch, small snack at 4-5pm, lesser amount of dinner and small snack before I sleep
          2) I ate sour plum - it kinda help me to cope with that nausea
          3) I even tried having lemon slice in my drink to ease nausea

          But all these that I suffer cannot compare with the joy of having a baby!


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            thanks all for your replies.

            i just went to puke again.
            i feel very terrible all day...whatever food i take in, all just seem to taste sour. i have no appetite too.
            i tried eating sour plum just now, it helps ease the naseuous.
            i am really afraid to eat...whatever i eat, i just seem to puke out everything.


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              Hi chibi - poor you!

              Look on the bright side - at least you are not putting on weight. Don't worry about baby - somehow baby will manage to take in nutrients from your body..


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                CONGRATS chibi!

                Sorry to hear about the nausea (it can suck big time ) but look at it this way - having MS is a good sign that the pregnancy is doing well. Just hope the first trimester passes quickly for you!

                Some things to try:

                1. ginger (sweets, tea, raw, whatever works for you)
                2. Vitamin B6
                3. nausea bands (available at the pharmacy)
                4. crackers
                5. minty scents/foods
                6. lavender
                7. lollipops with various flavours
                We don't get these here but I'm sure you can find variations at a supermarket:




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                  i had really bad morning sickness too, only went away abt 16 wks...i actually lost 2kg during my first tri

                  try to take dry stuff like bread or biscuits and sips of water, rather than soupy stuff like porridge or soup, cuz they tend to slosh ard the stomach and it feels very unsettling.... i perpetually had a fisherman's friend with me cuz the lemon flavour one helped me somehow... takes my mind off the nausea...

                  my gynae said it was a matter of survival for the mommy if puking gets very bad, and anyhow the baby will be able to take in nutrients from mommy, so just eat whatever you can, the nutritious stuff can come later when u will be hungry all the time!


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                    congrats on your pregnancy!

                    The gals have given you very good advice.

                    i'm one of those lucky few who did not suffer from morning sickness except for the occasional nausea when brushing my teeth. On days where i find it hard to drink plain water, i mix it with a little bit of the bottled calamansi juice that i get from the supermarket. Helps a lot to quell the nausea.

                    Rest well!


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                      Another congrats to your pregnancy

                      As said earlier, the 9 months is actually the "syok" part, compared to looking after baby

                      I also had bad "Evening" sickness, would throw up my dinners usually, and feel nauseaous the whole day. Had bad heartburn too. But only lasted for about 2 months. After that was really honeymoon period.

                      Nowadays, I sometimes miss the pregnant days


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                        Hi chibi, I'm also in my early stages of pregnancy but like Keiko, I didn't really feel anything except for the occasional nausea. I eat sour plums and drink Vit C orange juice at times. I think they help.


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                          All the ladies have given you great advice. In addition, it might be helpful to have a flask of warm water at the bedside, so that you can sip a couple mouthfuls before you get out of bed. It's also advised that you eat something right after you wake up to settle the stomach a little. It seemed to help my mom and the ladies I've spoken to quite alot. HTHS.


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                            hi happybean,

                            take antacids, same cure for heartburn when u get gastric, it will neutralize the acidity, will not cause harm to baby... i took when i was pregnant cuz i had gastric to begin with, thought that was why i got pretty bad heartburn... i even threw up bile... :puke:


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                              hi happybean,

                              i think it'll be safer to check with the pharmacist which brand of antacid is safe for pregnancy.
                              So far I only know one of the shelf brand which is available in the US - TUMS. This brand works for me.
                              If you know someone going to the States, can ask them to get a pack from the drugstore for you.