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CozyMom Gathering TUESDAY 24 MAY 2005

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  • CozyMom Gathering TUESDAY 24 MAY 2005

    Please come for an afternoon of chit chat!

    Date: 24/05/05 (Tuesday)
    Time: 12 noon onwards.
    Place: TBA.

    Please post if you're interested.

    Husbands & kids are welcome!
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    1. Davis and baby Mila


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      Date: 15/11/04 (Monday, a PH!)
      Time: 12 noon onwards.
      Place: TBA.
      1. Davis and baby Mila
      2. Mel and baby Athena (I can only leave from airport appt at 1pm- must add cab or mrt travel too)


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        Shall we postpone this? I think it's too short a notice, hence only a few responses? Let's throw up alternative dates & venues!


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          Yeah agree this seems too short a notice. I should be fine with any day.


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              How about lunch during one of the weekdays sometime this coming week? How about wednesday or thursday? I have not brought my dd out alone before, but I'm quite determined to do so soon and get the hang of it. Feeling quite nervous about our virgin trip out.

              Mel, you will be bringing Athena in a carrier or sling or pram?


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                This week is out for me - I have work, a homeschooling session, excursion to the SHM & a meeting.

                You girls can go ahead if this week is good for you

                I am slightly more free the following week (Wednesday, 24/11, is good), though!

                Chris - don't worry too much, we will all be there to help you. I will help you, promise!

                I can understand your apprehension, though. I was VERY anxious the first time I brought Z out alone. It does get better as they grow older and you gain more fear

                You may want to bring sling + pram, so you can carry and put her down, when you need to take a break? Plus you can put your barang barang in the pram too.

                I was thinking of Marche. Any other suggestions?


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                  Lunch on weekdays sound good! So does Marche!

                  Chris, I know you're dying to go out already!


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                    Davis, I owe you a good lunch! Havent had a chance to thank you properly!

                    Mel & Davis, we could meet up sometime this week first (dont wanna procrastinate anymore, I will face my fears! ), then we can all meet up again with Mag the following week?

                    Mag, 24/11 sounds good to me so far,and Marche sounds good too- I'm on a very strict diet, so this will be one true test for my willpower.


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                      Ladies, I would love to meet up for lunch this week. Wed or Thur is fine with me.


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                        Gracious! Just realised that my lunch meeting will be on Thursday <i>at Marche</i> So I might just see you girls there!


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                          Hi ladies, I am ok to meet too. That is unless I pop before meeting you up..haha

                          Chris, I quite sure you are able to do it - to bring baby out alone.

                          Is it still on 24/11 at Marche (suntec or heeren??)

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                            Acidica, I dont live near Jurong even though I'm in the west.

                            Who else wanna meet this coming thur for lunch at 1pm at Sakae Wheelock? Davis can make it, Mel should be able to make it (right?). Heh, very exciting for me.


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                              Yay am up for meeting this coming week. Any location fine... yup Wheelock Sakae is cramped if we have like 4-5 prams haha, but I can't think of alternative?

                              Chris, I haven't decided. I'd see if I've mastered the pram well enough, or else I'd use carrier.