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Reviews on vouchers bought from, Groupon, Streetdeal etc

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  • Reviews on vouchers bought from, Groupon, Streetdeal etc

    Reviews please!

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    I just came back from G Spa at Aljunied after buying a Deal Voucher online.

    PLEASE DONT GO THERE. i paid $32 for a 75min massage, supposedly worth $200 -__-""

    guess what? my appt was at 11am, and i reached on time. stupid woman was arguing with someone on the phone for 10mins, and her 7-8 year old daughter asked me to fill in the form. Fine... Massage started at 11.15am... and ended at 11.50am!!!!!!

    I asked her, isn't it 75mins? start at 11.15am, shouldn't it end at 12.30pm? She insisted the 75mins include CONSULTATION (which we all know is Hardselling). Hellooooo, isn't this misleading? you mean, now customers have to pay you to hard-sell us?! wtf.

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      i've bought 50% discount buffet deals from i'll say before you go for the deal, do read up the food variety in the buffet. but for the price i've paid, the buffets are still worth to buy.


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        i subscribe to over 10 of such sites.
        some deals are really good, esp those F&B ones
        the spas, nails ones of course will have the "psycho" session
        and i find that some of them just anyhow do the job because it is voucher (cheap price)

        some has too many T&Cs and short voucher validity dates
        so hard to book or make reservations because there are so many other people who bought the vouchers
        those travel ones have a lot of fine print. must take note.

        so far it is only a handful where i enjoyed a good experience and i return to patronise them

        they should know that the internet now is powerful because we can easily share our opinions and reviews
        so the good and bad services will be known to many

        i have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the deals i bought so that i will not forget and miss the expiry date.


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          DEALS.COM.SG Useless

          Hi All, This is my second attempt. All the time failed.

          I bought coupons for Batam , No rooms available on sat & Sun for Coupons users.

          Hardly we are saving 10 to 20$ , now I am loosing all the amount paid. $160

          Useless. Initially I dont understand how the is working.

          Now understand how it is working .

          Please Dont go for this. you cant have your plan, They will plan for you .


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            read the T&Cs very very very carefully.


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              I was very tempted to take up the deals for travels to hongkong or taipei. Its indeed very tempting seeing the mark down for it.


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                So far, only bought food deals. I don't really go for those travel deals though as they usually dont include taxes, etc.


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                  I personally never tried travel deals before but have heard some comments from friends. Anyway, recently i came across iphone app. Users can get $5 off next purchase when you buy from the app. My friend got a $15 necklace at only $10.


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                    I think travel deals are not very reliable there. If you want cheap offers, should just look out for jetstar offers? At least that will be more reliable and you can easily find someone to be responsible if anything happens.


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                      have tried, pretty easy and direct, just pay and download the voucher.

                      The only thing to watch out is to read the terms and conditions properly, do your homework, and check the sales merchant's profile. remember there are many spa outlets which close shop after having a massive promotions.

                      for food deals, in some case, it is actually a terrible deal. like meal vouchers on weekdays and a selective timing where you will not go.


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                        Actually, all the fine print in the T&Cs have prevented me from having ever purchased any group crap before.


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                          I dare not take up the travel and facial deals, food or manicure pedicure i'm fine with it.


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                            I just bought a voucher from groupon, utilised it and the service is alright. No pushing of buying products. It all depends on who the merchants are, if you go to the right one, you are in safe hands. My friend bought a spa voucher and she regretted it so much, cause she was being pushed to sign up a package of 5k!


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                              anyone experienced "discrimination" when using vouchers?
                              the staff will be more attentive to other customers, give you black face, or serve dishes of smaller portion?