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Registered item collected by others?

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  • Registered item collected by others?

    Help! I had a local registered item to be delivered to my mum's address where I'm staying at the moment. PO said it had been delivered. These are the details:

    deliver on the 9th
    Shipment History
    Other Reference No.: SA03300001634

    Destination Country: SINGAPORE
    Destination Exchange/Post Office:
    Recipient Name:

    Date and Time Location Status Reason
    09/11/2004 19:21 Failed Delivery On 1st Attempt
    09/11/2004 09:40 SPEEDPOST SERVICE CENTRE Allocated to Courier
    04/11/2004 17:17 JURONG POINT POST OFFICE Items Accepted

    I don't live anywhere near Jurong, my mum's place is in the EAST. What does this mean? I'm interpreting that they delivered, recipient was not at home (can't be- we have a newborn at home so someone is home all the time, I checked we weren't at the Paediatrician on 9th). We didn't receive the notification slip either so I assume someone else mistakenly did? Then that someone went to Jurong Point to collect the item? But doesn't that someone need my IC?

    What can be done now? TIA!

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    Mel, i suggest you call speedpost tomorrow to check the status of your registered item. and yes, the collector will have to produce IC, otherwise if someone eles is collectiong on behalf, you must sign on the collection slip to authorised collection.

    if this makes you feel better, what happened to me recently was, i saw the speedpost van driving to my block closed to 6pm (delivery time is 9-6pm) but alas, he never did turn up at my door steps, and when i check the status online, its also shows delivery failure. the parcel was only sent to me the next morning.
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      is it possible that your reference # for the reigstered article could be wrong?


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        Re: Registered item collected by others?

        Originally posted by mel171103kev
        But doesn't that someone need my IC?
        Eh, actually no. Just about anyone can bring the collection slip to the PO, forge your signature to authorize him/her to claim the parcel, produce his/her IC and collect the item.

        (My housemate does this for me all the time since I don't get off work early enough to collect my parcels)

        Best to call up Speedpost to enquire. HTH!


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          Re: Registered item collected by others?

          Um, I just took a closer look at the details from the website (Sorry for being so KP!). I think "Item accepted at JP PO" means the item was sent from JP and was accepted by the PO on the 4th Nov.

          On the 9th Nov, they "failed delivery on 1st attempt". Note that the reason given was "heavy collection/delivery" and was made at 19:21 hrs. I'm guessing that your parcel was dispatched for delivery but because they had a hectic day (what with the double load of Deepavalli and Hari Raya cards), they couldn't reach your house in time. So don't panic, I'm sure your parcel will reach you by this week? (I'm anxiously waiting for an overdue US package too!)


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            Oops, right- I didn't read the info. properly- I think it meant parcel was sent FROM Jurong.

            Oh dear, the forgery thing sounds scary, but the heavy distribution day sounds reassuring... definitely rather it late than it being stolen by wrong recipient!

            The local sender of the parcel is going to enquire the PO again for me, hopefully the PO has some acceptable explanation. On a brighter note, really don't mind it being late cos will be quite long before I can fit in any of the clothing in the parcel...


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              Do keep us updated?

              Yes, I know that the forgery sounds scary .. especially for me when my unit is along the common corridor. The postman usually calls in the morning and leaves the collection slip on my door grill --- and I don't get home til nightfall. Eeps.


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                once the mailman left a delivery note on my gate, somehow, when i came home, i found it lying on the staircase! i was so pissed, called the PO, gave them a piece of my mind, like non stop for 30 mins, they sent the mailman with my parcel to my place in 15 mins. they can be quite careless! someone else could have take the slip and who knows what will happen to it, eh?


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                  It arrived finally today, PHEW! Quite a long delay considering it's local- maybe it's the festive backlog or they forgot about it in some part of the process, hah! Thanks for all the advices :D


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                    Hi Mel! Mine came today! As in, the notification came today (I wasn't home) -- it was a BIG relief as the package was late by a week!!!

                    Um, friend commented that Speedpost isn't very speedy these days huh?


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                      oh dear, i hope nothing bad will happen to my parcel cuz i might not be home when it arrives... where exactly does the postman stick the collection note? on the gate or through the slots so that it's BEHIND the gate??


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                        so far, mine was through the slots, behind the door. hths