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Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

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  • Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

    My hair is starting to come out in clumps! It is found on the floor, on my pillow, on the baby, in the car etc.

    Was tempted to buy Biolyn and Regaine but those are not suitable for lactating mothers.

    I am really afraid that i will go bald!!!

    Any solutions please???

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    For my firstborn, my hair didn't drop but for my second baby, gosh.. i was !

    4 months after delivery, my hair started to drop by so so much.. cannot imagine it. Think if i were to collect it till today, it is equivalent to a big doll's hair. It is that much..

    However, it will stop after 2-3 months depending on individual. Not long after, u'll find that lotsa baby hair starts growing again. U dont hafta do anything about it but if u are really worried, u can take vitamin supplements or visit your gynae see if she can help.. But really, u won't go bald.. i thought i would



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      I experienced temp hair loss too about 3 mths after birth. But just like cherie, it stopped after 2 mths or so. Hope this helps!


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        me too, got hit when baby was around 4 months. hang in there, it will pass.....its a temporary 2-3 month thing.


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          any special shampoa i should buy? Goosh, really scary to see so much hair falling off my scalp


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            I experienced severe hair lost during those months too! Scary! For me, I switched to baby shampoo, and stopped using those 2-in-1. HTH~