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If a stranger initiates a talk with you

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  • If a stranger initiates a talk with you

    would you avoid him? :yaya:

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    It depends on the situation and where I am. I always get approached by sleazebags while walking on the streets and I just ignore them. However if I'm at a cafe/club/pub/party etc. and the person does not seem to be sleazy I don't mind making small talk.


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      Regardless of topic/type, i :bye:

      Unless he seriously seriously seriously needs help.


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        Second ant's action.


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          Me too .. :booty:


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            I am just wondering, why are you ladies so against chatting with strangers? I mean, very often the other party is just being friendly so I don't see any harm in having a little chat.


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              You're right, Erica But there's a but.. we're just too guarded.. and uptight - I'd be the first to admit so More often than not, we get weirdos. Check out the thread about helping strangers. Quite different, but somehow strangely related


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                Well i thk it really depends on the situation n who. Sometimes in certain situations, AUNTIES like comment to the person just nxt to them.. so i wouldnt mind throwing in a word or 2.

                If it's like a complete stranger say a man who just speaks to me (a.k.a small talk)..err i'l seriously think twice. :roll:


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                  Glossie, I was just a little surprised that everyone else replied no so I was curious as to why this is so. I totally understand about the weirdos, and these are the ones I ignore too, for eg. once when I was at an outdoor cafe waiting for my boyfriend and this guy suddenly sat down at my table and tried to chat me up. But let's say if it's someone who happens to be sitting next to you at a party, or standing next to you at a bar waiting to get a drink, even someone who happens to be stuck in an extremely slow elavator with you then why not? In fact I'm sometimes the one who initates conversation on certain such occasions.


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                    if it is small talk, why not?

                    while waiting for trains or trams, there are always pple who are bored and will initiate a conversation
                    i usually nod or smile and sometimes do talk to them

                    however having said that, i find that whenever i do that in sg, pple always give me a peculiar look


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                      u mean that dun happen in australia?

                      maybe sgaorean are too conservative?


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                        natnatviv, that's quite true. I'll chat with a stranger while waiting for the tram/train or even on a boring train ride here but I usually won't attempt to do the same thing in a cab line or on a bus/train coz I know people will probably think I'm a weirdo or something.


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                          errr, what doesnt happen in australia?

                          conservative singaporeans? maybe more on the guarded side?


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                            Not that Sporeans are not approachable. If anyone out there really requires our help, most of us would be most pleased to stretch out our hands. But for strange men, we think twice.

                            The line is hard to keep clear at times. But at the moment of being chat-up, our minds will just react accordingly to the situation requires.

                            I dun mind to "talk to strangers" esp. when they ask for opinions of stuff they trying on, for directions, some loose cash, share a bolly. But if the person appears weird weird, my defense instinct will be up & i choose to "disappear discreetly" :bye:

                            The rest??


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                              it really depends on who the person is. hahaha.. if he's a hunk, why not?? i always get approached by strangers, both man and women for directions. Strange... but my friends do call me the walking yellow pages, probably because i seemed knowledgeble with this tiny dot on the map.

                              Small talk by the opp sex happen sometimes, and i always admire the person for having the guts. Cos i think i have a stuck up and unapproachable face.

                              Once i was having lunch alone in a restaurant, an causasian asked if he can share the table with me. I said yes, probably because he look sincere. It's a nice lunch for us both that day, we even exchanged email after that.

                              However, this very much depends on my mood too, if i bad mood that day, then no way, he better not mess with me.