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Platinum Band on a White Gold Chain

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  • Platinum Band on a White Gold Chain

    Hi All:

    I have a question here. When I first started dating my soon-to-be fiance, he gave me a platinum band - as a symbol of our relationship.

    Now that we are getting engaged, he has bought me a solitaire which I'm gonna start wearing after our engagement. But I find it a pity to put away my platinum band. I love it too much what with the sentimental reasons and all. Thus, I was thinking of wearing it on my neck. Can I wear it on a white gold chain? 'cause I've heard about not mixing two different types of materials and so I'm wondering if it's safe to wear the platinum band on a white gold chain? Will it tarnish the white gold chain?

    TIA for your inputs! *smiles*

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    many congratulations for your oncoming BIG event of yr life!

    For u may don't to cause damage to yr precious significant ring,
    perhaps you can ring leading jewellery shops to ask? Pro advice is the .


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      Hi! Thanks, Ant!

      I did call them up and they said there won't be any problems wearing platinum and white gold together. It's actually yellow gold which can't be worn with white gold but oh well.. i just wanted to be doubly sure.


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        you can replate your old plat rings to make it look as good as new dear. & wear it on days you dont wear your E-ring (i believe if you are travelling besides your honey moon - you willl not want to bring your E-ring along for safety reasons) cost i was told about S$30 only

        get another necklace in white gold then to go with the ring. or wear on the other hand?

        oh yes congrats again.


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          Ah.. thanks, vit_c! That info is most useful. And yeap, I'll still wear the platinum band on days when i'm doing hard labour and don't wanna scratch the E-ring (borrow your cool term).

          Did think of wearing the band on the other hand but it doesn't fit on any other finger and I don't wanna resize it because of the engraved words on the ring.


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            Hi there!

            I dont know if you will still read this, but you could also consider using that platinum band as your wedding band since it has such a special and sentimal value for you =]

            And there is nothing wrong with mixing plat and wg or even yg, it all boils down to personal preference. But because plat of the proper mix is much harder than gold, it may eventually wear away the gold chain w/o you realising and the ring may get "lost" that way!



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              Hi sleek, yup I'm still reading this thread. Thanks!

              Actually I wanted to get a matching platinum band with my fiance for our wedding. Plus the current platinum band does not fit my ring finger - I wore it on my middle finger.

              And now I wear it only on days when I'm doing hard labour and somehow although it still do bear sentimental value to me, it seems that the E-ring seems to bear more weight on me. Haha.. After a month plus, I don't really miss the platinum band much but yeah, it's still special to me.

              Thanks for sharing that bit about the chain being worn out. Will bear that in mind. Thanks, sweetie!


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                I'll be the devil's advocate here and give you a different alternative. See my user pic? That's the e-ring and band set that I wear together. I can post a hand picture if you want. And that band has diamonds. I love my bling and got the idea from the ladies on the american diamond forum I also hang out on.

                I also have a normal wedding band that matches my dh's that I wear on my right hand because its too loose for my left and it's one of those rings that cant be re-sized. He recently lost his and at the end of the day, its sad, but the rings are not what holds the couple together right. And most rings can always be sized down or up, not too many times though, to fit the same finger that has increased or decreased in size.

                I tell you I can intro you to a whole world of jewelery that you never thought possible but that is not what my reply is about!


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                  I don't know about mixing metals but from what I read, you're gonna wear the ring with a necklace around your neck? Tradition is people usually do this when the other half has passed away. They wear their partner's ring on a necklace around their neck.

                  But what the heck, if you aren't superstitious, just do what you like